The challange

Both national and collective safety are the two main interrelated pillars of the general concept of security and protection. In an era defined by globalization, the current security environment has further strengthened this linkage and confirmed that security is truly indivisible. As a response to today’s evolving security challenges, the community needs to constantly revise its methods to use. Collective security has a lot of challenges and that is including the safety of the human in all his domains, including gender equality, migrant integration and establishing and maintaining friendly relations with other countries.

The opportunity

We have the opportunity to help the society to be safe by protecting every single person living in our beautiful country. We can enhance the country and its community, making it safer, working towards an increased gender equality, as well as an increased integration of the new migrants.

Our strategy

Planning outdoor activities such as walks; picnics and games is a great opportunity for people of all ages to get to know each other within the city. To do so, we ensure all participants, especially kids, learn the safe rules for playing outdoors together.