The challange

Physical health is an important part of every human being, doing sport and exercise help us not only in maintaining a healthy body but also helps us maintain a healthy mind. People move less and less these days, most of their time they spend sitting in from of Tv, computers, laptops, indulging themselves in over consumption of food. This lifestyle results in many various diseases, because in order for the body to function properly, it needs to be moved.

However, mental health is just as important as physical health to a person’s wellbeing, and it’s affected by our bad lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. Covid-19 has impacted in several ways human life and the way we used to live. Firstly, people are social beings, who need to be surrounded with people, but pandemic has divided us all. Social distancing has been one of the first measures that were being applied, alongside with masks. We started to fear the people and look at them as enemies. The classes have been moved online, as well as meetings and conversations. We are all isolated with our technological devices that have replaced the actual human beings. Sedentary life and isolation resulted in people feeling depressed and in lack of motivation, especially young people.

The opportunity

As an NGO, Proder strives to act on many levels, especially to promote socialization, mobility and personal growth among young people. Turkey is a country with one of the youngest population in the world and we want to help them to see the full opportunities of the world and help them open their mind.

Our strategy

By organizing youth exchanges and youth project, we want to help the youth, primarily on their mental level. By including them into society, help them make friends, organizing various workshops like pottery, glass workshops, painting sessions,etc. We want to help them get back to real life, away from the walls of their home and technology.

By including sport activities into our projects we are promoting human wellbeing and we put emphasis on physical health.