The challange

Living in a clean environment means living in safe and healthy environment. The space that surrounds us has many impacts on our state of mind, productivity and general happiness. When we are surrounded by trash, we feel demotivated, stressed and we face a lack of productivity. Each country has its own system of cleaning that there are applying, but mostly there are people employed in the cities in charge of that, but we should all feel responsible and make their job easier by throwing the trash in the trash bin. When we speak about natural environment, it is a different story, each of us oversees maintaining clean nature, because there are no people who are being payed for cleaning the natural environment.

The opportunity

Living in Turkey has many benefits, but considering the cleaning part, the cities do not have a good cleaning system. The trash is left outside of the buildings, houses, waiting to be picked up. Each of us should feel responsible as part of the society to make it livable. As an organization, we have the power to gather the people and spread awareness of this issue.

Our strategy

We use the power of social media to spread knowledge on this topic among our followers. Also in practical part within our project we are organizing cleaning activities on local level. There are a lot of places surrounding our city that are full of trash, by promoting community work and socialization, we also want to show that when the little hands drops, we can make a big difference, step by step.