What to expect when coming to Turkey

What to expect when coming to Turkey

Being a foreigner in a country has a lot of benefits; it gives you a sense of freedom that often we don’t have in our home country. With freedom it comes the feeling of power and and choice to do whatever you want. It is like living a different life, being a different person, even the language we are speaking its different. It is like living in a movie with unrestrained mind.

When coming to Turkey, you can expect a lot of interesting things that are maybe not so common in your home country.

If people see that you are foreigner, they will try to sell everything to you and they will charge you bigger price then for the locals. Sometimes if you speak English in normal shops, people can become very rude, especially in non touristic places where locals are not use to foreigners.

But on the other hand, if they see that you foreigner, that will threat you very nice, they will invite you to their home, they will help you with everything, give you food. Turkey is famous for it hospitable people. If you are a regular customer somewhere, people will appreciate you and often even give you some small gifts or things for free.

If you try to speak Turkish, they will value your effort. Even if you don’t understand Turkish and people are approaching You they will regardless of your Turkish knowledge continue with their conversation and ask you questions. They are curious and they will just simply make a conversation with you.

Not knowing the language will certainly make your life a bit harder. Everyday situations and obligation are challenging. Managing around with your hands and google translate, trying to explain something, it is not an easy thing, especially if you encounter to some rude people. And Turkish language is not the easiest one to learn in the world.

If you are a woman, man will often try to approach you. But they don’t have bad intensions, they will not harm you. Then will try to help you with everything and maybe marry you.

If you are a guest in someone’s house, you have three days to do nothing and just enjoy their hospitality, meals. But after three days, it is time for you to start to help around.

It is a great possibility that you will gain some weight due to all delicious meals with a lot of meat, bread, oils and fats. But you will enjoy the food, Turkey is like a paradise for food. You will be tempted all the time to try out something new, literally the food in Turkey is everywhere, streets are full of restaurants, street food, every 2 meters there is some place selling the food.

You will be temped to spend a lot of money, the same as for food, you have shops and bazars (open markets) everywhere. Shop selling souvenirs, clothes, cigarettes’, carpets, home necessities, nuts, sweets, phone shops, everything you can think of you can find on the streets of Turkey.

You will be amazed by the amount of dogs everywhere. Streets are full of big and often fat dogs sleeping around like bears. They are adorable and friendly, You can pet them without any fear. Also cats are omnipresent everywhere, sleeping in shops, restaurants, streets. They are giving a special charm to the cities and country. Local people do take care of them and government finance their vaccination and sterilization.

You will here 5 times a day the sound of Ezan, although is sounds a lot, it has a unique sound that perfectly incorporate with the cities architecture and mosques.

The streets are made without any rule. Unlike European city where cities have geometric architectural plan, here there is no such a thing. You can think that you walk straight, but You will end in and direction that you did not expect to arrive.

The streets are crowded by people, cars, bicycle, it is a bit of a mess in traffic. You cross the road anywhere, anytime, washout following the traffic light rules.

There is a certain type of bus, dolmus, that can pick you in the middle of nowhere and drop you wherever you need. And it cost only 4 liras.

If you decide to visit Turkey, you will not regret. Experiencing different culture makes us learn and grow and give us more fulfilled life.