What to do during Lockdown and Quarantine

What to do during Lockdown and Quarantine

With the raising cases of Covid-19 and the upcoming touristic season, some of the countries are making strict measures in order to prevent the spreading of the virus and lower the number of cases. One of those countries is Turkey, which on 29 of April started 18 day full lockdown. The measures implies limited time for moving, from 10 am to 17 pm and only to the places that are within walking distance from home and that are essential. The restaurants, bars, shopping malls, hairdressers and other non-essential shops and stores are closed. Only groceries stores, markets, bakeries and butchery shop are open. And there is off course luckily delivery service for restaurant that works 24/7, because beside lockdown, there is also Ramazan currently.

The moving between the cities is forbidden, so we are all kind of stuck in our homes, which can be quite depressing and demotivating, especially with the nice and sunny weather outside. So that is why we will give You a couple of tips what can You do to kill the time at home. There is a quite good saying, when You are bored, work on Yourself, so that will be our base.

1.Working out

Maybe it does not seem so appealing, but it is the one of the best thing You can do now. Exercise is know to promote endorphin and serotonin, which are basically a happy hormones. With the summer ahead of us, it is perfect time to do this now. You don’t need to go trough some rigorous regime, Internet is full of free videos for beginners, short ones, long ones, focused ones, even if you try to do it for 5 minutes a day, You will feel better physically and mentally. for the ones not so into extreme working out, there is Yoga, which may seems easy and ineffective, but it requires great strength and it help you be more flexible and remove all the stiffness from you body.

2. Cooking

It is never to late to start to cook, you can experiment with new recipes, new ingredients, new cuisine. Just let your imagination flies, cooking is a form of art and you can create whatever you want, it can be such a relaxing activity when you get yourselves engaged in it.

3. Reading

With the rise of the technology, a lot of young people neglected this old-fashioned activity. You cannot say that you don’t like reading, because there is limitless options of books out there and each person just needs to find the one that suits them. Reading is like a portal to a new world, new mind, it also help your brain to stay active. Our brain is a muscle and we need to train him to keep him in shape. So why not use this time for some reading, It can be just 1 hour of reading per day and You will see the improvement in Your brain activity. You can even read comics, magazines, mangas…

4. Studying for exams/ writing thesis

For the students out here, this is the perfect time to focus on their studies, because lets be real, life is not happening outside, so we don’t have a feeling of missing the life. If You use this time smartly, when lockdown is finished, You will be completely or at least partially free from your obligations.

5. Watching movies/tv series

Weather you are fan of dramas, telenovelas, comedies, You can find something to watch, something that You always wanted to do, but did not have time. You can watch all the Oscar winners movies, binge watch tv- series, watch Spanish telenovelas, anime, Turkish dramas, Bollywood movies, Independent movies, Internet is on your hands to explore.

6. Find a new hobby

You can try painting, playing some music instrument, writing poets, novel, handcrafts like making jewelry, knitting, sewing, designing, who knows what is hiding inside of You, maybe there is a little poet waiting to go out. It is never to late to discover yourselves. If you are a nature lover, you can try out gardening, planting trees, flowers, it can be even on your balcony or room if you don’t have a garden. Each plant is specific, so it also requires some pre-reading and researching. You can even try out various types of dances, like belly dance, Bollywood dance, reggaetón, etc.

7. Learn a new skill

Internet is full of free online courses, also there is a bunch of videos on YouTube about everything. You can try to learn a new language, learn photoshop skills, video-editing, accounting, coding, what ever You want, You can learn.

8. Playing games

Weather is a video game or boarding game, you can try out whatever is more interesting for You. Computer games in general are more interesting and they bring You inside a completely new/different world, just be careful not to become addictive. You can also play boarding games, like Cluedo or make some puzzles.

9. Chating

Keep it touch with your friend, the current ones, the ones from high school, faculty, people are usually glade if someone contact them after a long time of separation. Don’t forget about Your family as well.

10. Discovering new music

Each of us has a certain set of song and types of songs that they are listening, but maybe this is a good time to discover some new genres, musician, maybe classical one, traditional ones, rock ones, the music from other countries. Music is cure, without it, our world would not be the same.