VanApp-Fan- Mobile Application

VanApp-Fan- Mobile Application

The Application That Changes The Young People’s Atmosphere

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Youth Projects Support Program – GPDP 2020

“We made an initiative that could change the mood of young people. We applied for a project to the Youth Projects Support Program of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. If the project is approved, a mobile application will be developed for young people. The application is prepared in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data and the developmental ages of young people. “

Through the Mobile Application of young people;

1.Increasing personal and interpersonal skills,

2.Sharing their impressions and experiences of their activity through written and visual studies,

3.Using information technologies; specialization in a certain field,

4.Inactivity, obesity, stress etc. brought about by technological changes and developments. negative consequences

5.To contribute to the cultural, artistic and intellectual development,

6.Raising generations that will protect their future by considering a balance between local and universal values,

7.Creating original, innovative and rational solutions by getting rid of traditional patterns,

8.Raising socially sensitive individuals,

9.It is aimed to be raised with respect and awareness towards animals and natural habitats.

With the Mobile Application, young people can increase their skills by using information technologies, share their experiences, specialize in a certain area through distance education, obesity with technological change
and similar negative situations, to contribute to their cultural, artistic and intellectual initiatives spontaneously, to protect their future generations, to compete with each other with original innovative smart solutions, to create a consciousness that is socially sensitive and respectful to nature and animals.

The mobile application to be prepared will be made available to young people of high school and university age, and those who will download and use; duel (challenge) in the calendar to be determined with defined missions
to improve their skills by doing, develop teamwork and organizational skills, create a positive attitude, support their personal development with distance education videos, offer the opportunity to increase analytical thinking and problem solving skills with mini events / tournaments such as online competition, intelligence games, and passive
It will be ensured that the time passes effectively and efficiently.

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