Turkish Street Food

Turkish Street Food

Turkey is basically a synonym for good food, but aside from variety of dishes served in restaurants like kebap, there is plenty of food that can be found on the streets of Turkey. In this article we bring you 12 most popular Turkish street foods.


MasterChef Çi Börek Tarifi ( Çiğ Börek ) | Kadın, Moda, Yaşam ve Sağlık  Portalı

Çibörek is a dish characteristic for the city of Eskisehir. ‘Çi’ word means ‘delicious’ in Tatar language, which perfectly describe this addictive street food.

It is one of the most well-known börek type of the Crimea and Central Asia Tatars who migrate to Turkey. It is different from other types of börek, because it is not baked in the oven, it is fried in sunflower or corn oil. It is consisted out of thin layer of boiled, flattened minced meat with onions encased in a lightly fried, thin casing of yufka (a slightly thicker type of phyllo pastry) .The pastry fills with air, puffing the börek to a size that makes them look more filling than they actually are. It is a crispy and delicious meal affordable for everyone; and one portion is made out of five pieces of ciborek accompanied with ayran.

Except the minced meat version, there is also a cheese version.

2. Kokoreç

Kokoreç mutluluk veriyormuş - Sağlık Haberleri

If you ask Turkish people for their favorite fast food, most of them will reply its kokoreç. Kokoreç is a specific dish made out of sheep and/or lamb intestines. Although it does not sound appealing, the taste of it is amazing. The meat is wrapped around skewer and grilled over the charcoal fire. It is usually seasoned with many spices like oregano, cumin, and chili flakes. It is served in half of he bread with addition of tomatoes or some other vegetable.

The name pull its roots from slavic language-kukuruza, meaning corncob. From there it was adapted in Albanian language-kukurec, from Albania to Greece – kokoretsi .

Turkish word kokoreç comes from the word kokorótsi (κοκορότσι), which is used to describes the food in Albanian dialects of Modern Greek.

3. Tantuni


Tantuni is famous street food that originate from Mersin. It comes in variation with beef and chicken and it is usually served as durum, but it can also be served in bread.

The meat in tantuni is first crushed into very small pieces and boiled in salted water, then fried in cotton oil. Afterwards meat is wrapped with lavaş bread or put in normal bread together with chopped onions, chopped, preferably skinless tomato slices, green peppers and parsley. The resulting mass is seasoned with pepper,, salt and possibly other spices.

It is made in special tantuni pan, which has one contains a big curved spot in the center.

4. Simit

Evde Simit Nasıl Yapılır? Simit Tarifi I Yemekte Keyif Var

Every country has its variation of a sort of a pretzel, in Turkey that is simit. This is a quite simple dish, it is basically a circular bread, encrusted with sesame seeds. It is a common breakfast food that is sold in many street vendors and bakeries on almost every corner. It is usually eaten with ayran (Turkish version of salty yogurt). The price of the simit is less than 2 lira (0.20 euro), which is suitable for everyone’s pocket.


Islak Tavuk Döner Dürüm – Kampüs | Tavuk Tantuni Döner

Dürüm is one of the most consumed street foods in Turkey. It is usually made out of the doner kebap meat (beef, lamb or chicken) and then wrapped in lavash of yufka bread with additions of sos, vegetables like tomatoes, parsley, salat, onion. There is endless varieties of durum like chicken-sis durum, Adana Durum (made from meat used in Adana kebap), Urfa Durum, patso durum (variation with potatoes) and offcourse the one with normal doner meat.

There is also zurna dürüm, which names comes from the long, traditional music instrument. It is a long and thin version of Turkish durum.

Similar to Mcdonald or KFC chains, this country has its own chains of dürüm fast food, one of the most famous one is Donas.

6.Tavuk Pilav

Nohutlu tavuklu pilav tarifi Tarifi - Pilavlar - Sofra

There is a lot of street vendors across Turkey, selling this simple, yet delicious meal. As it name says, it is rice with chicken on top of it. The rice is cooked in butter and its taste very smooth and soft; there is also versions with added chickpeas.

7.Çiğ Köfte Dürüm

Pan Çiğ Köfte | Hoşgeldiniz!

The word Çiğ means raw, kofte means meatball, and durum is wrapped. So basically the name said it all. This dish is has been present for more than 3000 years ago. Originally it was made with minced meat, but today is mostly made from ground bulgur mixed with spices. The mixture of bulgur is put in lavash bread with addition of tomatoes, salat, lemon, mint, parsley pomegranate sos, spicy sos and then rolled in durum.

There is version without durum, witch is usually eaten as apetizer or meze, wrapped in lettuce leaf, but its not so common to eat it as street food.


Lahmacun Tarifi - Tavada lahmacun nasıl yapılır? Kolay ve pratik lahmacun  yapımı ile malzemeleri

Lahmacun, also known as Turkish pizza is a round shape thin dough, topped with ground lamb (or beef), minced vegetables like onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, and parsley, and spices such as chili pepper, paprika and then baked in the oven or open fire.

It name comes from the Arabic: لحم بعجين‎, laḥm ʿajīnlaḥm bi-ʿajīn, meaning “meat with dough”.


9. Midye dolma

Midye Dolma Tarifi ve Malzemeleri - Hamarat.org

Midye dolma is type of clam, mussel, stuffed with aromatic rice, herbs and spices, topped with lemon juice. They are sold at street vendors and it is more then a snack, then a real dish. It is a good meal even if you are not fan of clam, because the rice and spices take the most of the taste.

Although this dish is mostly common in places around the sea, you can find it in any other city, but maybe not at the same quality.

10. Gözleme

Spinach and Feta Quesadillas - Closet Cooking

Walking on the streets of Turkey, you may often see older women sitting in shop-window or outside doing some magic with their hands. That magic is nonother then their baking skills of making delicious pastries and flatbreads. Gözleme is a savory Turkish stuffed flatbread, made only with flour, salt and water and then stuffed with anything that comes to your mind: tomatoes, eggplants, ground meet, potatoes, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, eggs, sausage or mix of any of these and more.

The dough is rolled thin, then filled and cooked over a griddle (cooking device consisting of a broad flat surface heated by gas, electricity, wood, or coal). Usually it is served cutted into a small pieces and they make it fresh upon your order.

11. Börek


Widespread all over Balkan, not just in Turkey, this dish is one of the most popular breakfast food, accompanied of course with ayran. Börek is baked filled pastrie made of a thin flaky dough such as phyllo or yufka, typically filled with beef meat or white cheese. This dish requires a great skills to prepare and it comes in many versions. The most famous one and hardest to prepare is Su (su means water) böreği made with cheese. The taste of it is soft, juicy and simply delicious. It can be found in any bakery.

This dish was popular food of Ottoman cuisine and the word börek comes from Turkish and refers to any dish made with yufka.

12. Kumpir

Kumpir Tarifi - Pratik Yemek Tarifleri - Kolay ve Nefis Yemek Tarifleri

The word kumpir comes from Slavic language, and it means potato. But this is not a regular potato, it is much bigger in size then normal one. It is baked in the oven, cutted, then butter and cheese are added inside and after that the potato is stuffed with a lot of ingredients; like olives, sausages, pickled gherkins, corn, Russian salad, cheddar cheese, peas and carrots… The most famous place for this street food is in district Ortaköy,, Istanbul.