Turkish Evil Eye-Nazar

Turkish Evil Eye-Nazar

While travelling through Turkey, Balkans, Arabic countries and many other, you can often find a motive or items containing a blue eye, you can see it in households, jewelry, cars and often they are being sold as souvenirs. So You might been wondering what is the meaning of this blue eye, also called evil eye-Nazar. Although it name is evil eye, it is actually used as an amulet for protection of the evil eye.

nazar word deriving from Arabic, meaning sightsurveillanceattention. In Turkey, it is known by the name nazar boncuğu (the latter word being a derivative of boncuk, “bead”)

A typical nazar is made of handmade glass featuring concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue and black, occasionally with a yellow/gold edge.

The story and the origin of this superstitious has been exiting for thousands of years, from the Ancient Egypt where Egyptians considered blue color as the divine and for Sumerians it was the symbol of goods.

The superstition of the evil eye started in Mesopotamia followed by Assyrians and Phoenicians, Celts, the Hellenistic Era, Roman, Jewish through to the Bible, Europe until todays modern world.

This meaning of evil eye comes with superstition that some people have supernatural powers and that they can harm others. The evil eye is a sort of an curse that can be cast on anyone by a jealous person who believes that other person don’t deserve item, life, looks they have. It also means bad luck. It is cast in a form of praise, compliments, glaze, receiving excessive admiration. Also a person can expose themselves to curse with bragging, stubbornness, acting without humility. The impact of this curse are bad luck, sickness, injuries, bad future. Today people are believing that it is a sort of punishment for having to much pride and self-admiration.

In Turkey, as a way of protection from curse and bad lack that was thrown on them by evil spirit, they created amulet, Nazar. The amulet is consisted out of two main colors: blue and light blue. Blue is the color of protection, while either yellow or light blue is in the middle. The ever watching protector, eye in the middle of the blue background is mostly colored black.

The power of blue radiates positive energy and symbolizes good karma. Light blue is a color that’s most commonly associated with the sky. This color in the evil eye amulet is a symbol of truth. Blue symbolized god in the sky in ancient history; it has the power of relaxing the tension once looked at. Also it represent the color of water, which is very valuable in Turkey, due to many dry areas.

It can happen that the amulet is broken, considering it is made of glass, it is not wander. If it is broken, that means that it served its purpose and protected you from curse. After that you replace it with the new amulet.

Every country has its superstitions, this one is old and it is spread all over the world, not just in Turkey. Although you may believe in it or not, surely it will not harm you if you get one. And if you believe in something it becomes true at the end.