Traditional Craft Making Workshops

Traditional Craft Making Workshops

Within the the project Integration and Socialization of Refugee Youth into Social Life, Proder organised a series of workshop and this time the activities took place in nearby city of Sivrihisar.

We were welcomed and hosted in SİVRİHİSAR BELEDİYESİ (governmentship) building. Sivrihisar is a city well known for long tradition of crafts art like jewelry making, carpentry, pottery, etc. The city is keen on keeping to create beautiful and lasting works of art and spread the knowledge of making it so in the future ancestors knowledge wont be lost.

Within the building of governmentship there is a large space with separate departments for various workshops like pottery, glass art, painting on water, jewerly making, Ottoman calligraphy. All workshops are conducted under the guidance of local volunteers.

We were welcomed there by local volunteers, employees and the major of the city Hamid Yüzügüllü who visited with the local journalist.

You can read more about our visit there in the folowing links: Haberturk, Sondakika and Sabah.

This time we had 19 participants and each of them was involved in at least one of the following activities:


2.Glas Workshop

3.Puppet making

4. Painting on Water