Tips and tricks on how to save money

Tips and tricks on how to save money

When we have money, often we don’t think about our budget and spending. A lot of people are facing problems when it comes to saving money. We are constantly surrounded with something that we want or we think we need, but actually that is not the case. How many of us have a lot of stuff and clothes that is just sitting around without being used. We have this need to feel accomplished and satisfied when we buy things, but that is all due to commercial, social pressure, marketing tricks and inner issues. But we often don’t have boundaries with the spending and then we don’t have enough resources and we don’t save money for something that we can invest in or keep it for dark times or special occasions.

We will give you some everyday tips that you can implement in your life that will help you balance your money properly.

Set up a budget

Weather is a weekly or monthly budget, this way is very affective. If you decide how much money you will spend, you will stick to it. You can track your spending’s, there are plenty of apps that will help you with that. And you can see how much you spend on food, travel, fun, rent, utilities, etc.

Prepare your food at home

Eating outside is very tempting, but is is also burden for your budget. Buying groceries and preparing your food at home will save you a lot of money. Of course, you can treat yourself with eating at the restaurants sometimes, but don’t make it a habit.

Cut don’t on buying branded stuff

Brand is basically a name that gives value to the items, but it does not guarantee their quality. Often people are buying brand stuff just because it is trend and they don’t want to look like they cannot afford that. But in reality, a lot of people cannot afford them, so what is the point in buying them? Buy within your own possibilities, not to be liked or appreciated by others based on the brand of clothes you wore or item you posses.

Open up a saving account

In every bank you can open account and the money will automatically be transferred to your saving account every month. You can agree on the amount of money and interest rate. The longer your money is in the bank, the more money you will save, because the bank is adding extra percentage on your savings.

Cut down of buying snacks, coffees

We often buy chips, sweets, buying coffee to go. This all ad up to your money spending and this are not the things you actually need.

Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes’ its very unhealthy things, but also very expensive. If you reduce or quit your smoking you will benefit in many areas, your lungs and wallet will bread again.

Do online course/training

You don’t need to pay a lot of money to study the language, or learn coding, photography, etc. There is a plenty of online free courses you can attend or find tutorials on YouTube. Also you don’t need to pay monthly fee for gym, you can ride bicycle outside, run in the park, do yoga or any other workout with free videos online. It will not just save your time but also money.

Pay off your debts

Don’t postpone paying off your debt, either to a bank or family, friends. It will remove great burden of your shoulders. Even if it means You will not have enough money that month for other things, you will feel more free and have a fresh start. And try to avoid borrowing money unless it not really necessary.

Try to have days without spending money

It can be one day, two day per week, does not matter, just have some days when you don’t purchase any items.

Leave your card at home

When we have card, often we spend much more money because we are not even aware of out spending’s, it is like spending money that does not exist. So leave your card at home if you are just going to work or walk. You wont be able to spend money on temptations of surroundings.

Set a goal

If you decide to save money, make a goal, for what are you saving and how much do you want to save. For example, if it is for travelling, set a destination and amount of money you want for that travel and then each month or week, put aside certain amount of money for that goal. If you put aside your money, you will forget about it and you will not spend it. And you will notice that you don’t miss that money, you will just spend less on thing that are not necessary.

Spending money is like a drug, it feels good, it gives up power, satisfactions and after we loose that feeling we feel miserable. But spending money should not give us that power, just try to control yourself for couple of days and you will get used to not spending a lot of money on things that you don’t need. Try to find your power in something else. Like this you will have more money for something that is much more valuable.

Just be responsible with your money and your opportunities and resist the temptations of society.