Sorkun Village Trip

Sorkun Village Trip

Sorkun is a small village with around 500 habitants in the county of Mihalıçcık. It is famous for its long tradition of making the pottery using the methods of Neolithic Period. Almost every household in this place is engaged in the art of pottery, from smallest members to oldest.

Within our project “Include me” we visited this village with aim of spreading the knowledge of this forgotten art and share the legacy of the villagers.

In the snow covered mountain area, we were welcomed in house of an old woman who is one of the rare people who still uses the prehistoric technique of making pottery. Pottery is aside from cultivation and livestock farming, one of the main sources of incomes for the inhabitants of Sorkun.

We witnessed the making of this art in a small, warm pantry filled with pots that are sell in large amount to wholesale.

In this activity we had 28 participants, this time the youth from Yunus Emre Youth Center joined us, they contributed in a great way to the spirit of the trip with their music performances and dances.