Social Inclusion for Elderly People

Social Inclusion for Elderly People

Elders in our surroundings have often been excluded from society. With the Proder local projects, we want to change that and include everyone into our projects and by making small steps, encourage socialization and inclusion.

After our project “Integration and Socialization of Refuges” and “Include me project” which was about inclusion of local youth, we started a new project called “Social Inclusion for Elderly People”.

Last week he held our first activity in the village Aşağı kuzfındık near Eskisehir. The activity was about visiting older people in their households and do a questioner about their time during pandemic and the influence of it on their daily life. The aim of the questioner was to get the general impression of what did our elderly missed and what to they need. We will use the answers as a tool to make activities that elderly missed and that are willing to join.

One of the good things while living on the village is that you are not so much affected from the happenings from outside world. Although there were restrictions and lockdown, the people were living their normal life; working on the field, visiting neighbors with the distance, doing gardening, cooking. The only thing they missed was their relatives who could not visit them and also they could not visit a doctor.

Our Proder Interns and local volunteers, 12 of them, were divided in groups of three and 2 people, mixed English and Turkish speakers; they were going from door to door and entering the households of elderly who were at home and wiling to accept them. All this while taking care of safety measures like wearing mask and obtaining physical distance.