Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Although it might not seem like perfect time to do summer activity like scuba diving, we found a way to escape the coldness of Eskisehir and we found sun in city of Çifteler.

Çifteler SAKARYABAŞI is a place that is consisted out of Scuba Diving Center, campsite, lake, canoeing center and other water activities.

In this activity we had 21 participants, most of them without any previous experience in scuba diving. But that was not a problem, because under the quick course or retired navy soldier, we were all in safe hands.

The process of Scuba Diving is quite simple in theory, but even the first step of putting a suit was very challenging. The suite itself is heavy and very tight. After putting the suit the next step is a belt with stones on each side to make the person more heavy, the bottle with oxygen is around 12 kg, so after putting all that it is very hard to move.

After putting all the equipment, next step was diving. There is a special button attached on the equipment with oxygen bottle which when pushed, it pulls you down in the water. The water was very clean and even drinkable, with plenty of fishes inside. It was a bit hard to swim with all the burden on your body and with fins, but overall it was a very fun and challenging experience for everyone.