Reasons to join ESC

Reasons to join ESC

ESC stands for European Solidarity Corps and it is and EU funded program that promotes community growth, sustainable world, education, ecology and general improvement of life in rural and urban area. The main actors of ESC are young people, age 18-30, volunteers who in their desire to help the community and learning new skills apply for this type of programs.

ESC programs are hosted by organizations, foundations and association all over the Europe and the EU partner countries (like Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, etc ).

There are two types of ESC, short term (1-2 month) and long-term (from 5-12 months).

The main benefits of this program are that it will cost You almost nothing, You get accommodation, food money, pocket money and reimbursement of travel expenses. It is a great opportunity to travel without any expense. You get to live in a new country, learn new culture, language, meet plenty of interesting people who share you values and interest.

The primary goal of this program is for You to help local communities in jobs such as social media, building and reconstructing houses, youth centers, cleaning forests, teaching languages to children, work with refuges, work with social cases, etc.

For any interest of yours or Study, You can find appropriate ESC which will help you gain the skills, knowledge, that will help you in further carrier. But not only that, it will enrich Your life in so many ways, You will feel good because you are doing something good for the society, all the people You meet will stay Your lifelong friend, You will gain a lot of knowledge about not only the culture of the country You are living in, but also about other countries. You will learn to understand, to remove stereotypes. Every time we travel and meet new people the new windows and views are opening for us, we are moving from old stigmas and prejudices that our society often put on us. You will see the world of opportunities and find a role for yourself in it. You will discover Yourself and what You are capable of, You will go out of Your comfort zone and face the unknown, the adventure.

The benefits of this program are on many levels: your personal mental and emotional development, your skill development, your contribution to local society, your contribution to local organization. Starting from the small place and making a change in that society reflects on the society in whole.

ESC is more and more active, with many NGO and programs, it is a growing activity that bring only development and makes this world a better place.

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