Reading and its benefits

Reading and its benefits

Reading is something that we are encouraged to do from our early age. We learn to read and then we continue reading through our whole education period of life. But not everyone likes to read, some people find it boring and they prefer some other activities. But in the sea of the books, there is something for everyone, You just need to find a book that is for you. The things is in our schools we are obligated to read old classical peace’s of literature that are maybe to complicated, to long and hard to understand. When we are 15 years old, reading work of art from Ancient Greek or Renaissance is not something appealing or interesting to us and that is where majority of people just decide that they don’t like to read. But reading is something extraordinary when you find a books that is written in your style and with the topic that is interesting for you. Although those classical pieces are to hard to understand when we are young, there is a time in life when we will understand them and read them easily because we have been through life and experiences and we recognize a lot of thing inside and we can relate to the topic and characters. Its never to late to start reading so we hope to encourage some people to start reading.

In this article we will show you some benefits that you can gain from reading and enrich your life in this way:

Brain Activity

Brain is a muscle that like every other muscle in the body needs exercise and moving to stay healthy and sharp. If we neglect brain activity, it will eventually shut down. And reading is one of the things that keeps our brain active, because we read and we create images, stories in our heads, we need focus and sharpness to do so, unlike watching tv when we are in passive mode and just collect information’s without thinking or understanding them. Reading also helps you with studying, because the more you read, the easier for you is to study. Except going through the same thing 5 times and learning it by heart, you read it once with focus and understanding. It also helps with vocabulary, writing, in general your learning skills and memory are improving.

Creativity and Imagination

Reading about various and different topics helps us gain more images in our heads, it improves our imagination and creativity. When your mind is full with the things read, you get more easily idea about life and what can you do. It opens the windows of opportunities for you.


Reality is nice, but sometimes we need to escape from the it and from our thoughts, a nature and books are a good escape. Entering some different world, living with the characters, becoming friends with them, it is like living another life, different one. You can fight with dragons, be a knight, save the world, be a superhero, you can be whoever you want.

Entering the mind of others and understanding

Each book is a sort of reflection of the writer. Each person is different and have different view on life, people, way of living. While reading we enter into the mind of the writer and we see how he thinks and see the world. Each person and book are unique and we can gain so many insides into someone’s thought and that help us understand people more and be more tolerant. Those insights we implement in real life with real people because we understand more how human mind function and why someone does the things he does. It becomes easier to read people and we figure out that world is not black and white, we are all in grey zone.

New perspectives

We have more perspectives of life, maybe our way of thinking is different, but I can change. If we live our regular life and don’t see beyond it, we can see that life does not need to be like that, we become more adventures, more openminded, we get a desire to live, to experience. We see the world in new light.


Reading helps us gain knowledge about every possible topic that you can imagine. We can learn so many facts by reading: the general facts about science, nature, environment, economy, business, about living, about people, about us, our family.

But some people can get to involve into reading that they forgot to live, but we cannot just read, we need to write our own book of life. Book is the tool that help us improve our life, not our life, it is on us to take the best from reading and implementing it in living the best possible life, because we just have one chance and we need to live it without regrets.