Ramazan Bayramı

Ramazan Bayramı

Bayram is the term used in Turkish for holidays celebrated nation-wide, both official and religious.

Ramazan Bayrami or Sugar Feast (Şeker Bayramı) in Turkey is a national and religious holiday which this year is happening on this day 13th of May. It is a celebration of an end of 30 days fasting month of Ramazan. During the previous month, Muslim all over the world were fasting and practicing zakat for religious purposes. And now it the time of the feast.

Ramazan Bayrami is a three day long celebration with families and friends gathering and enjoying a great feast. It is also called Şeker Bayramı because on this day, a lot of sweets is been consumed, especially by children. They are given small gifts from their families in the form of sweets and money, also the children’s are going around the neighborhood to from door to door to express their greeting and in return they are given candies, chocolates or small amount of money.

People greet each other by saying İyi Bayramlar/ or Bayramınız Kutlu/Mübarek Olsun, meaning “May Your Feast Be Blessed”.

Proder team wish all the Muslims İyi Bayramlar.