Proder- Who are we and what do we do?

Proder- Who are we and what do we do?

Proder stands for International Public, Municipal and Non-Governmental Organization Project Support Association. It is an new organization created two years ago.

The aims of Proder are: promoting youth mobility and intercultural experiences by accepting Interns and volunteers from abroad and from local level. We want to show the world of opportunities that exist within the system. Our team is young and eager to learn and develop them self, but also the community. We want to help young people to learn languages and gain skills that will help them in further carrier. Proder is a starting point for youth, we shape them and give them freedom to do things according to their skills and interests. We consider all the ideas of our team and help in their realization.

We organize projects on local level for youth, elderly, people with disabilities, refugees. We try to incorporate all the levels of society, we want to include everyone in community, because people are the ones making the society. We want a happy environment with no one left behind, we want to improve our city, because that is the starting point to make a progress on global level. We organize workshops, field trips, cultural trips, historical trips, museum visits, we share the knowledge about community and our beautiful city. We want to make people socialize and connect because we are social beings. We want to make everyone feel integrate. We just started our work and finished two local project and now we are more than ever motivated to continue and make more changes.

We write projects and organize Youth exchanges with our partner countries. By gathering youth from abroad and local ones, we aim to create network and friendship between them. In this way we fight prejudices and stereotypes created by society. We use informal educational methods to teach our participants and give them education. Each of our projects its different and created with certain aim. Our themes are : youth unemployment, education or lack of it, ecology, sustainable development, youth integration from rural and isolated areas. We try to incorporate people with less opportunities.

We also work as an sending organization for Erasmus+ Youth project and European Solidary Corps Project.

Why join Proder

By joining our team as abroad Intern/ Volunteer or local volunteers, You will get the opportunity to work in dynamic, international environment, you will develop your ideas and work on yourself, You will help the community growth, learn the skills, gain new knowledge, improve your language, learn about management, coordination, partnerships, organization, communication. What ever is your field of interest, we give You opportunity to work on it. And off course You will meet great people and make great friendships.