Proder team and board trip

Proder team and board trip

To celebrate easing down the measures of lockdown, we, as Proder team and board decided to have team building trip to Olympos.

Olympos is a place on the south of the Turkey, near Çıralı city in the province of Antalya. It is a beautiful place with protected nature, clean beaches and surrounded with mountains. Together with the sites of the ancient cities Phaselis and Idyros it is part of the Olympos Beydaglari National Park

Due to protection of nature, there is no hotels there, just bungalows and tree houses. We slept in a beautiful bungalow, surrounded with green tress and the whole place resembled like a jungle.

To reach the beach, there is an entrance fee due to remains of ancient Greek city of Lycia which is located wright next to the river that pours into the Mediterranean see.

We spend there one day and the second day we went to Adrassan beach not so far away. It is a sandy beach and we spent all day there doing various activities.