Proder Sport Activity

Proder Sport Activity

Playing Sport is very important for psychical and mental health of the individual. Today we move less and less and we ignore all the benefits that sport and moving bring to oneself. That is why Sport Activity was indispensable part of our Project.

In the surroundings of the Valley of Yazılıkaya we played a game well know all over the world, that most of us played in our schools; Dodge ball, or as it is called in Turkish Yakar top.

Yakar top is a team game and teams consist of at least two people; However, when there are not enough players, it can be played between three people without a team.

At the time of the game, it is possible to name the teams as the shooting team and the running team. The elements of the shooting team are drawn in two lines with a distance of about 15–25 m between them. The fugitives settle in the middle of these two lines.

The aim of the shooters is to hit the fleeing team members manually with the ball they throw. Shooters can hit them from the ground or from above. The person who is hit is out of play. If the shooters hit all the members of the other team, they will be fleeing and the game will restart. A score is written for the throwing team. The fugitives earn a point if the shooters’ ball is caught by the runners or, in some variants, an element hit will return to the game.

Considering it was just a game playing for the fun and game itself, we did not count the points or have the winners.

On the photos You can see how our game went.