Proder Field Trip-Yazılıkaya

Proder Field Trip-Yazılıkaya

Our first field trip within project Integration and Participation of Refugees into Social Life was in historical place of Yazılıkaya, near the city of Eskisehir.

Yazılıkaya was a famous sanctuary of Hettie which Phrygian later adopted. There are two Yazilikaya monuments in Turkey, one which belongs to Hetiti and other that we visited that belongs to Phrygians.

Phrygian Yazılıkaya is located in the area of the Phrygian Valley, in Eskişehir Province, on a plateau that also bears the name Yazılıkaya (which means ‘inscribed rock’)  , at an altitude of over 1,300 meters above sea level. The site dominates the plain, rising about 70 meters above the surrounding terrain. It covers an area ​​650 meters long, and 320 meters wide.

It is consisted out of four temples, three of them are facing the East and one of them is facing the West.

Phrygian worshiped the cult of Great Mother, also known as  Cybele.

KYBELE (Cybele) was the great Phrygian mother of the gods, and goddess of motherhood, fertility and the mountain wilds symbolized by her constant companion, the lion.

This activity had a cultural and historical purpose, it aims to get to know to local residents with history of the city and its surroundings.

In this activity we had 20 participants. On the spot we had a local tour guide that was taking us around and telling us the story of Sanctuary.

The Yazilikaya itself is a magnificent place and in this time it was covered in glimpse of snow. Is is full of authentic Turkish dogs breads like Akbash and Kangal which joined us in the tour.

Our tour guide showed us Monuments, inscriptions on the stones, caves and the special path used for pilgrimage.

After the tour we had organized lunch in local caffee, which served us Hıçın  Böreği with olives and cheese.