Proder cooperation activity: Helping the migrants

Proder cooperation activity: Helping the migrants

Eskişehir is city in Turkey known for its large number of refugees and migrants. People from Syria, Iran, Irak, African countries, they all come here in hope of building a better future. For them this is the country where they are safe and protected. Some of them have been prosecuted in their home country because of their beliefs, way of living, some of them escape the war and some of them are here just in passing, their road continues after Turkey.

Government of Eskişehir does a lot for protecting and trying to assimiliate them in Society. One of the Social Foundations that acts under the govermentship is Tepebasi Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation. They do a lot to help the migrants, they help them with language, they organise courses, help them with paperwork, help them with finding the job, they organise gathering,etc…

After our first activity that we did two weeks ago and which was focused on feeding the stray animals, we desided to organise another activity, this time in cooperation with another Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation. and with focus on imigrants and refugees.

During this global pandemic, we are obligated to wore maskes everywhere, we need to take care of our health and use sanitizers, gloves.

Due to specific life conditions, when you are to worried to think about surviving or You strugle with more importans stuff in Your life, the pandemic is just another brick on top of the wall of worries.

So this activity was focused on that, to remind people and help them to protect their health. With the help of our local volunteers we make packages that contained masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and napkins.

We shared packages to aproximately 10 families. They welcomed us warmly and showed their graditude.

We know its not much, but its a our way to show people that they are not alone, that we are aware of their presence and situation and that we want to help them. We hope in the future we will organise more activities like this, because small acts also matter, If we put smile on just one face, it was worth it.

Out of the respect for their privacy we will not post any pictures here about this activity.