Post Erasmus depression and how to deal with it

Post Erasmus depression and how to deal with it

Doing an Erasmus exchange is one of the best things that one can do during their studies. It is a constant feeling of happiness, excitement, adventure, freedom and carefreeness. It like living a dream with wonderful people who become your friends or even lovers. But eventually You need to wake up and go back to reality and that is when majority of youth face post Erasmus depression. Returning to normal life as a changed person where you need to face your obligations, think about your future, be mature, but still you cannot focus on that because your head is still in clouds and you are reliving the moments of the past. When we think about the past to much, we neglect our present and well being, but unfortunately it is inevitable. But still there are some thing You can do to get over your post Erasmus depression.

1.Do another Erasmus

This is probably the most obvious solution to your problem. Erasmus can be done 12 months per each cycle, including Internship that can be done even after graduation. So if you have a chance, why not. It will be a different experience with different people in different country and also you will participate in this Erasmus as a completely different person. The bad side of this solution is another post Erasmus depression, but on the bright side, at least you postpone it.

2. Study abroad

There are plenty of Master and Bachelors degree abroad on English Language and a lot of them offer scholarships, so why not, try something new, some other educational system. It wont be like your exchange, but it is still a new challenge for you.

3.Join the Student Association

Almost every city has a student association that takes care of incoming and International Students. There are various fields in these organization that you can participate in depending on your interest. ESN is the biggest student organization in Europe and by joining them you will gain new skills and also live/experience Erasmus in your city.

4. Keep in touch with your friends

Just because your friends are far away does not mean that the contact needs to be lost. Stay in touch with your friends, visit them. It is a great thing when having friends abroad, because it means you have excuse to travel and someone who will host you and show you around. Use that opportunity, travelling and making new memories is always a good idea.

6. Move abroad

If you like the feeling of being a foreigner in a country, you always have a chance to move abroad and find a job outside of your country. The world is a big place and we can choose where do we want to live. Just because we are born somewhere does not mean that we are meant to stay there.

7.Stay in International environment

You have foreigners in every city, backpackers, students, expats, they are all openminded, approachable and eager to meet new people. There are also various cultural societies and organizations that you can involve in or join their events.

Or the last things is just to wait for the time to pass and memories will shade away. It is a simple solution and reality for some, but you control your life and the way you live it. Your choices create your path and life.