Plant hope for the future-Join the Campaign 1Btrees

Plant hope for the future-Join the Campaign 1Btrees

New Erasmus+ program from 2021-2028 is highly focused on environmental issues, one of the main components of it is to go green. As an Turkish Ngo who works under Erasmus+ programs, we created a camapign to keep up with the newest global and sustainable trends.

It is time to think about the future and planet is our future. In the wish to make more developed world and make industrial profit, human kind made a lot of damage to the nature. It is time for each of us to become aware of that problem and contribute to the solution.

1btrees is a project with aim of saving deforested area. 1b means one billion tress, with the help of all the society, we want to plant 1 billion tress until 2030. But we cannot do that without your help.

Your task will be quite simple, you just need to plant any type of tree in any location that you find suitable, make a photo of it and upload a photo and location on our webpage. In the return we will give a certificate. But certificate is just a paper that shows us that we accomplished our goal and that you made your contribution. The higher goal is planetary, one billion trees will made a big impact on the society. Tress have great value as they provide us with oxygen and are shelter for many animals, also some plants could not manage to survive without the shade of tress and the trunk of the tree.

So help us reach this goal, and join our campaign, lets save the environment together with Proder.