Participation and Integration of Refugee Youth in Social Life

Participation and Integration of Refugee Youth in Social Life

This February under the scope of Turkish National Agency and Erasmus+ projects Proder NGO organised a project by name Participation and Integration of Refugee Youth in Social Life.

This projects is created with a purpose of inclusion refugee youth into the community, help them socialize, connect them with other young people and especially during this pandemic situation help them to have a normal social life which unfortunately its hard to maintain in this time where social distance is required almost everywhere.

Eskisehir is well know as city of Refuges, mostly from Iran, Irak, Afganistan, Syria and Africa. The city government and other organizations and foundations are doing the best they can to help them with integration and Proder is also part of this organisations.

You can read about our previous projects related with refugees here.

Target group for this projects were young refugees aged 15-29. Our participants were 6 young people from Iran, Afganistan and local Turkish volunteers and also members of Proder (Interns, Evs volunteers and local volunteers).

This Projects consist out of 9 activities, each of them is created with different purpose. We have sport activities, cultural, artistic, music one, educational one and all that with a touch of Turkish culture and tradition that we implement in order for participants to learn through activities.

General Knowledge Quiz

Our first activity was held on Monday 22 of February and it was General Knowledge quiz. The activity took place in Tepebaşi Youth Centre/Tepebaşı Gençlik Merkezleri.

This Youth Center offer a lot of courses and activities free of charge for everybody. Some of the courses they organize are guitar courses, photoshop workshop, English courses and activities such as camping, hiking, yoga).

For our General Knowledge Quiz we insured all participants with masks and sanitizers. After we were hosted by employs of Youth center and after Turkish tea session, our activity began.

We divided participants into groups of two people. Each group were given a sheet of paper for their answers and our quiz began with our volunteer Sevde who was the host of the quiz.

The quiz consisted out of 21 questions related with geography, movies, history, Turkish culture. They had around 30 second for each question and after the questions finished, participants corrects each others answers. Best three groups were given a small reward which was handed to them by our host in Youth Centre.

This specific activity had educational and entertainment purpose, learning through playing game and alongside connecting with people.

This was our first activity and we can say that it was very successful.

In this tone we will continue in the next two weeks.

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