Our Skills

Project Cycle Management (PCM)

  1. Project Preparation, Application, Contract, Application and Reporting Processes
  2. Dissemination and Impact Analysis
  3. Feasibility studies

Development Agencies

  1. Technical Support Program Applications
  2. Feasibility Program Applications
  3. Financial Support Program Applications
  4. Guided Project Applications

Embassy of Japan

  1. Grant Program for Local Projects

Ministry of Youth and Sport

  1. Youth Projects Support Program (for Youth Groups)
  2. Youth Projects Support Program (for Associations)

Erasmus + Program

  1. Youth Exchanges (KA 105)
  2. Adult Education (KA104)
  3. Strategic Partnerships – Youth (KA 205)
  4. Strategic Partnerships – Adult (KA 204)
  5. Structured Dialogue (KA347)
European Solidarity Program
  1. Quality Certificate (ESC52)
  2. Volunteering Projects (ESC11)
  3. Solidarity Projects (ESC31)
Erasmus Student Network
  1. Erasmus + Internship

Central Finance and Contracts Unit

  1. Civil Society Dialogue Program

Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services

1.Human Resources Development Program (HRDPRO)

2. Labor Market Support Program for Young People Neither in Education nor Employment (NEETPRO)

Environment and urban ministry

  1. Climate Change Adaptation Grant Program

Ministry of Interior

  1. Project Support System (PROCESS)

European Union Delegation to Turkey

  1. European Union Think Civil Program