Meet Proder Team: Rıdvan

Meet Proder Team: Rıdvan

Ridvan is a Turkish volunteer working in Proder and living in Eskisehir. He started working with us after he finished highschool, and we are sad that today we say goodbye to him in the office. He is leaving to Ankara to start his university degree in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association.

  • When did you start in Proder?

I started working in Proder in september 2020, one year ago. 

  • Did you have any previous experience?

Before Proder I had never heard of ESC projects or ERASMUS opportunities. The projects we made in Proder were my first experiences. 

  • What is your position in Proder? What do you enjoy about it?

At first, I started as a temporary volunteer. I only joined some projects in my first 8 months in Proder. After that I started to come to the office to support the office staff in June. Two months later I became Proder’s Human Resources responsible. Projects were really fun for me. I met new people from Europe and Turkey. I learned a lot of things about European countries’ cultures.

  • What have you learned in Proder?

I used to speak English already although, in Proder, I improved my English more. Now I can speak about almost everything I want to in English. Also, Proder was my first experience to work with a professional team, and I also learned how to work with a group.

  • What is your favourite experience in Proder?

It is definitely Rural Youth Exchange Fest. It was a bit tiring but, during the project, I made a lot of friends from other countries. And I also learned many things about their culture. It was my first youth exchange experience and it was perfect. I had a lot of fun during that.

  • What will you miss the most in Proder?

In Proder, people are really friendly. Every minute I spent in the office was special for me. That’s the best part of Proder. All of us are from different countries and different cultures but here, we are like an international family. I am sure I will remember all of them for the rest of my life.

Irene Adolph Crespo