Meet Proder Team-Petrina

Meet Proder Team-Petrina

Petrina is Erasmus+ Intern from Croatia. She became a member of Proder team one and a half month ago. Unfortunately, she arrived in Turkey during the lockdown, so first 20 days of her stay here were not the most exiting one, but still she spent her time usefully by exploring the surrounding of the city.

Petrina position in Proder is project specialist. She applied for this position due to her interest in youth work, project organization and writing. Since she arrived, she contributed to our team a lot, she wrote 2 projects, one Youth Exchange and one ESC. Both of the projects have been submitted in May. Currently she is continuing on writing the new, original projects.

Before coming to Turkey, she had participated in Erasmus+ Student Exchange in Lithuania. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic she was forced to return to her country after 2 months. But this new experience abroad, encouraged her to apply for Erasmus+ Internship. She choose Turkey as a destination because it is something different from the rest of the Europe, she saw opportunity to grow and learn here. During her stay in Lithuania she meet a lot of Turkish people who partly influenced on her to choose Turkey as a destination.

So, here is a short interview about Petrina’s general impression so far that our Social Media Expert Amalia did:

Hi Petrina! Nice to meet you and welcome to Turkey! Did you get any culture shock when you first arrived in Turkey?

i! Nice to meet you too. Glad to be here. Since I already knew a lot about Turkish culture, I did not get any culture shock. However, I find the most interesting is that Turkey and Croatia have a lot in common in terms of words. Such as the pillow in Croatian is “Jastuk” and in Turkish is “Yastık”; the winter blanket is “Jorgan” in Croatian and “Yorgan” in Turkish. The way we pronounce them is pretty similar, too. Another thing is that I was surprised when I learned that Turkish people drink tea all the time!

Wow! Interesting! Why did you choose to be a project specialist trainee?

I just graduated with a Master in Social Policy, and writing a project is something I want to learn. This is a field in which I would like to work in in the near future. Erasmus+ traineeship is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will contribute to my professional life.

What did you learn during the first month?

The first month was extremely productive. I had the opportunity to create two projects, Erasmus+ Youth Exchange and European Solidarity Corps projects, and currently, I am working on the third one. That helped me a lot in gaining knowledge about youth project planning, project management and EU project application procedures. Also, I’ve learned a lot about Eskisehir, and I really enjoy the city.

What skills you’ve never thought you gain from this traineeship?

I never thought in just a month that I would be able to write a project on my own. I can thank the support team in the PRODER for that, of course! I could add that the time pressure pushes me forward, and over time I expect to continue improving.

Do you have something to share with future trainee?

I really encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone, apply and take part in the Erasmus+ traineeship with PRODER. If you are still in doubt, just do it. It will be a life-changing experience, and you won’t regret it.