Meet Proder Team: Chiara

Meet Proder Team: Chiara

Chiara is and ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteer from Italy. She arrived to Turkey in August of 2020. as an volunteer for Eskisehir government. But upon her arrival she started to work for PRODER NGO as an HR (human resource) manager. Her task are finding new Interns, writing vacancies, managing the contracts and everything else that is necessary.

The duration of her volunteering is 1 year, and at 22. of August she will finish her adventure at Proder.

Chiara is a master graduate of International Cooperation and before coming to Turkey, she volunteered in Africa in Tanzania.

Here is a short interview that our Social Media Intern did with Chiara about her experience.

How did you choose your project?

I found this project on the European Youth Portal. After my graduation and after I did the civil service in my country, I understood that was time to have an experience abroad. When I found the project for the Eskişehir Governorship I suddenly thought : “Ok, this is my project!”

Why did you decide on this project?

I choose this project because seemed perfect for me. I wanted to know more about European Solidarity Programs, I love volunteering within young people and also Turkey was on my wish list since a lot of time.

    What was your first impression when you arrived?

When I arrived I felt I was in the middle of two countries, two continents. Europe and Asia. And still I feel like this, this is what I love about this country. And of course, the second impression: “Turkish people drink a lot of tea!!”

    How is your accommodation and with whom you live?

I live in an apartment with Irene, my Italian friend with whom I’m sharing this experience.

    Who did you work with and what did you like the most about it?

I work with young people. The Project’s name is “Enlightening Youth about Solidarity”. I’m promoting the European Solidarity Programs within young people and NGO’s here in Eskişehir.  At the same time I’m helping PRODER in the Human Resources Area, I’m managing the recruitment process from the interviews to the Agreements with new Erasmus+ Interns. The thing I like the most is the opportunity to meet everyday new people. Now I have friends from Romania, Croatia, Indonesia, Belgium, Portugal, Azerbaijan and more. It’s beautiful!

    Was there something challenging you had to overcome? What did you learn from it?

Everyday is a challenge for me. I’m volunteering in an international environment, we have different ideas about volunteering, different cultures and points of view. Everyday we have to put together our ideas in order to create the activities. This is a really beautiful challenge from which I’m learning everyday. At the end I’m sure I will be more flexible, open minded and ready to face new experiences everywhere with everyone.

    What’s your favorite song that represents volunteering`?

There is this song of Nina Simone, Ain’t got no, I’ve got life This song represents for me the importance of life.
And being a volunteer means that you are offering something – something that is not required nor an obligation in order to take care, protect the life of someone.
You do not volunteer for the pursuit of a monetary prize or recognition. You volunteer because the optimist inside you, perhaps the idealist, spies a glimmer of hope.   

What does solidarity mean to you?

For me, solidarity means looking after everyone in a community. It means listening to each other, supporting one another, and knowing that ultimately, your community will back you up. It also means having the confidence to challenge each other, talk about our points of disagreement, and work together to find solutions. For me, discussion, respect, curiosity and compromise are at the heart of what solidarity means.

She is has a cheerful and adventures spirit. In the last 10 month she contributed to Proder a lot and we all appreciate her and her work.