Life Skills that Erasmus+ provides You with

Life Skills that Erasmus+ provides You with

There are a lot of benefits from doing Erasmus+ exchange/internship/volunteering, not only that it is a great opportunity to travel, learn and make new friends, but it also give us skills that we need in our everyday life. Here are some of the skills than you gain while participating in Erasmus+ program.

1.Social Skills

This is probably the most important skill that you can gain in life. Through all our life we are engaged in social activities; in schools, faculties, family, job; and if we don’t learn how to manage and communicate with other people our life will be quite difficult. The magic of Erasmus is that it throw you in unfamiliar surrounding and You are in a way forced to make contact with people and socialize. Unlike our comfort zone back home when we have friend from childhood, family that we grown up within, this is just you in a foreign country with bunch of strangers. But those strangers become your friend in an easy way, because You are all in the same situation so there is nothing more easy than gaining friends on exchange. Especially if you are introvert or shy, exchanges help you to overcome this difficulties and enjoy life with lees thinking. You become more comfortable among people, more secure in yourself, because being accepted as part of an group make you more stronger and more confident. After exchange You bring this new skill within you and incorporate it in your daily life. Unconsciously You change yourself and your approach to people, just ask anyone who has been on exchange, they carry the spirit of Erasmus forever within themselves.

2. Language skills

Weather You like it or not, sometime You are just forced to learn new language, the language of the country You are currently living in. Although communication among people is mostly on English, because that is the language that connect us, there is a presence of host country language. For any kind of daily activities like going to the shopping, bank, using public transport, etc, You need some basic knowledge. A lot of youth decide to take the language course in order to make the learning easier, but living in different language surrounding also on unconscious level help You pick up the language more quickly. If the language is to hard or You are just not eager to learn, at least You can improve Your English and that is often the case. And the fact is the more languages You know, the easier is to learn new ones, because You already have certain patterns that are repeating and certain rules. Languages have a lot of similarities or same origin, root of the word so Your brain start to make connections between them and that is quite a useful thing.

3. Budget planning

When You have limited amount of money per month, You need to organize your life in order to distribute the money properly on all the important segments of life: food, rent, utilities, travel, fun, education, etc. That is not an easy job and most of the young people didn’t learn how to handle their money responsibly. That is why living abroad and having a limited budget helps you in gaining proper budget managing skills.

4. Trip/travel organising

Living in foreign country often awakens the adventurous spirit in people and their desire to explore and travel. The youth today often travel on certain budget so its necessary to organize your travel by finding cheap and affordable accommodation, proper transportation, etc. With the help of the Internet, we can find many option for travel, for accommodation, restaurant recommendation, the more we travel and search the more options we discover and its easier to plan the next travel. Also before travel, we search for places, sites, museum to visit, we have a certain vision of how our travel should look like. Of course, this is not valid for everyone, some people just like to go without any plan. But either case we gain valuable skills of exploring, planning, organizing, orientation, managing in unpredictable situations and new, unknown surrounding.

5. New Educational approach

Learning by living would be the most easiest way to describe this approach. We are not studying from the books and tv, we are learning by experiencing the life, the people from all over the place, we are getting in touch with new culture, we are learning about new religious, different ways of life, we are learning about the country that we are living, we are getting in touch with new languages, we are learning about the people, about ourselves, about love. We are widening the our horizons and changing our approach to life.

6. Cooking skills

Most of us don’t have a cooking habit, especially if you are a young student. Majority of us decide to cook when we found ourselves independent and far from the family. Although at the beginning we are confused about cooking approach, the more we are engaged in it, the more we like it and the better we become. It is all about the practice. The positive thing in new country is that we are discovering new cuisine, new meals, spices that we can incorporate in our meals and cooking.