Introducing Eskişehir

Introducing Eskişehir

Eskişehir is a city located in North West Turkey wright between Capital Ankara and countries biggest city Istanbul. It name derives from the word eski, meaning old in turkish; and şehir which means city.

It is a small but lively city, lokated on the banks of Porsuk River. It was founded by the Phrygians in at least 1000 BC, althought it has been estimated to be older than 4000 years when it was known as Dorylaeum in greek or Şarhöyük in turkish.

Today, city is knows mostly as a student city with three Universities: Anadolu University, , Eskisehir Tehnical University and Osmangazi University. Althought its population is a bit more 800.000, this city is known as incredibly lively due to a great number of students and young people. The city streets are full of caffes, lights, pubs, restoraunts, shops, malls and the prices are very suitable for student life. The city vibe is vibrant, full of lights and people.

City attraction

There is plenty of things to see in Eskisehir, the city is full of sculptures, old and historical building and many others. We will mention couple of them here, but there is much more to explore in the city.

-The center of Eskisehir revolves around Porsuk river which is a brench of Sakarya river . With a lot of benches, golden sculptures and brigdes, sourounded with a lot of caffes and restaurants it makes a great place to take some memorable photos. You can find a lot of people here, especially during the night.

The Reşadiye Mosque, built by  Ottoman Sultan Mehmet V who was also known as Reşat (reigned 1909–1918) in 1916. The mosque was demolished and rebuilt between 1969-1978. Although its architect was Cevat Ulger, it was completed after the death of its architect. 

Reşadiye Mosque

-Museums: Wax MuseumContemporary Glassware MuseumArchaeological MuseumAviation Museum and Independence Museum which give the visitors the chance to witness the cultural and historical diversity of the city.


Odunpazari district

The basis of Eskişehir’s urban development is placed in the Odunpazarı district, which was founded on the South hill of the city. Previously, the villagers sold the wood they brought from the mountains in the square of the present Sebahattin Günday Park. Therefore this area is called “Odunpazarı” which means “Wood Bazaar”. 

The district is one of the rare places that has survived to the present with its Ottoman civil architectural structures and wooden houses located at the protected area.


The city is full of Pazars, on certain day you can find some streets full of fruits and vegetables, and there are also area with all kind of shops that are open every day. It this area you can find everything, from coffe, clothes, tea, turkish delights, shoes, home utilities…

Turkish bath or Hamam

The hammam, also known as the Turkish hamam or Turkish bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna.

Although the first hammams originated in Arabia, and bath culture was a central part of Roman life, Turkey popularized the tradition (and is most often associated with it) by making hammams available to people of all statuses. There is a couple of them in Eskisehir and they are all very affordable.


Like any other Turkish city, this one also revolves a lot around food. Turkish food is known in the world as one of the best cousines which involves a lot of meat, bread, spices and vegetables. Exept the basic Turkish food like kebap, durum, pite, Köfte, baklava and many other, Eskisehir has some of its own unique dishes:

çibörek or raw pastry is one of the most well-known dishes of Eskişehir cuisine. This dish originated from Crimean Tatar culture that first settled in Eskişehir; It is a traditional pastry made by putting a mixture of minced meat, onion and spice in an opened dough and frying in oil. Usually it is in the shape of a half moon. With mushrooms, cheese, potatoes etc. varieties are also available. But it is traditionally made with ground beef.

 Balaban kebab/ İskender Kebab. The origin of this multi-layered dish is Eskişehir, The name of Balaban Kebap, which is full of portions, comes from the word Balaban, which means “MUCH” in Tatar. This meal consist out meatballs put on the top of nailed pita and added yoghurt, oil, butter and tomato paste on it.

Balaban kebap

Hash hash ekmek is one of the unique breads/pastries in Eskisehir. It is made with mashed poppy seeds and you can find it in almost any bakery or pastri shop.

Also there is a lot of parks and nature that you can visit that are sourounding the city.

  1. Sazova Science, Art and Culture Park

This park is known as Eskisehirs Disneyland, it is a theme park with a lot of atraactions like castless, pirate boat, lake, shows and games suitable for children and adults. Also you can find a Zoo there, Japanese Garden, Tropical Center ,Turkish World Science, Culture and Art Center, Science Experiment Center, Esminyaturk ( miniature park with copies of 32 building belonging to Turkish World)

2.Kent park


The second most famous park is Kent park, best known for its artificial beach, lake and swimming pools.

3.Selale park

This is the best place to go if you want to see the city from higher perspective. This place has a magnificent view overlooking the city, also there you can find artificial waterfall, windmill, Don Quixote and Sanco Panco sculptures.

To conclude, Eskisekir is a charming city very well known in Turkey especially among student population. Althought it is not so famous outside of Turkey, it one one of the best cities to visit or choose as an place to study.