International Youth Center

International Youth Center

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Youth Projects Support Program

Sivrihisar International Youth Center

“We helped prepare Eskişehir Youth Services and Sports Club’s (ESGENÇLİK) International Youth Center project. With the project, a capacity will be established directly for young people in Sivrihisar district with the financial support to be provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports within the scope of the Youth Projects Support Program. With the continuation of the International Nasreddin Hodja Culture and Art Festival, organized by Sivrihisar Municipality every year, a transnational network will be established for young people. “

Within the International Youth Center, there will be a reading corner, meeting room, cafeteria, study areas, computers accessible to young people and desktop games. Weekly events will be organized and counseling will be provided so that young people can take advantage of transnational opportunities.

With our project;

1- To enable young people to interact with the city and with other young people in the city,
2- To ensure that young people cooperate with each other and share their knowledge and skills with each other and with other segments,
3- Increasing the productivity of young people, supporting the emergence of entrepreneurial skills, if any, conducting voluntary work with disadvantaged groups and supporting these studies,
4- To develop an institutional capacity directly for young people in Sivrihisar district,
5- Young people’s communication skills, teamwork, organizational skills, problem solving skills, crisis management, leadership, analytical thinking, business ethics, positive attitude, flexible working, ethics, digital literacy, etc. In addition to the works in their fields, it is aimed to develop their individual capacities by establishing personal development workshops.

As a result, with the acceptance of the project and the realization of its activities;
1- In our district, an institutional capacity will be created for young people directly in need.
2- Through the activities to be carried out in the International Youth Center, it will be ensured that young people come together, interact with each other and develop their individual capacities by sharing their experiences with other segments.
3- In the courses and activities to be opened with the cooperation of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Sivrihisar Municipality and Public Education Center, it will be ensured that the youth will support their personal development and complete their development towards their interests and desires.
4- In the event of international activities and transnational mobility, a basis will be created for young people to develop where they can compete with their young peers at the international level.
5- With the activities carried out within the scope of the project, cooperation between public and non-governmental organizations will be supported and set a good example.
6- Activities to be carried out and cooperation will encourage them to carry out similar activities with the activity reports to be set as an example and published in districts like Sivrihisar.