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An annual tradition since 2016, the 20th of September is the International Day of University Sport (IDUS). Officially proclaimed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO).

This celebration helps to create links between universities and their local communities.
Links created with sport, physical activity and healthy living playing the leading role.

Through this event, FISU (International University Sports Federation) involves multiple university sports stakeholders and member organisations in IDUS activities. This event is not only as a way to promote its sports events but also to create a debate on university sport and to promote FISU values. IDUS is a platform to exchange ideas, best practices, challenges and opportunities within and through university sport worldwide.

The day of celebration presents an opportunity to share knowledge on key issues relating to the development of sport and the University Sports Movement worldwide. This Day helps to improve awareness of the importance of sport in educational institutions.

International Day of University Sport is an opportunity to underline the social role played by universities and their curricula. Is important making sport available for everyone in order to foster the regular practice of a physical activity in the greatest number of people.
It also allows UNESCO to reaffirm its committed support to personal and collective development through sport and education, for the spread of a genuine sports culture, which we believe inherent to a culture of peace. 

The 2020 IDUS Dance Challenge is here!

However, this year, with the situation being what it is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inevitable that IDUS will not be celebrated as it has been in the past.

This year, FISU brings a challenge that everyone can participate in – from the safety of their homes if need be.

The 2020 IDUS Dance Challenge starts today!
Two of our amazing World University Championship cheerleading athletes have created bespoke routines for this challenge. All of FISU’s fans, followers and audiences on social media are welcome to participate.