Include me-Evaluation meeting

Include me-Evaluation meeting

To conclude our local youth project “Include me” me organized an evaluation meeting. Considering the circumstances and full lockdown, the meeting was held online via Google meets. Our master of ceremony was our Intern Sıtkı.

The meeting was consisted of general questions about the participants impression of project, their comments and suggestions for further activities and general satisfaction.

After the comments section, we organized a quiz about activities to see how much did the participants payed attention to details, speakers, how much do they remember and what did they learn.

The questions were following:

  1. TRUE or FALSE: In the past the women of the village who knew the technique of pottery could not marry men from other villages to preserve the tradition?
  2. How many times was the grave of Yunus Emre moved?
  3. Why did they move it the first time?
  4. TRUE or FALSE: It is better to send your cv and motivation letter in Word format
  5. TRUE or FALSE: It is enough to have a standard motivation letter and cv to send for every kind of job application
  6. Which one of these pictures is better as LinkedIn’s profile picture?
  7. TRUE or FALSE: To have a wide knowledge about the work of the company for which you applied is not a relevant aspect for the recruitment.
  8. ONE OF THESE INGREDIENTS IS NOT USED TO PREPARE CIG KOFTE: Oil, salt, spice mix, garlic, bulgur/meat, tomato paste, water, onion, parsley, apple vinegar, pomegranate molasses.
  9. TRUE or FALSE: It is forbidden to prepare cig kofte with meat only if for sale
  10. How many trees did we plant?
  11. How deep is Ciftler’s dive tank?
  12. This gesture means “I’m swallowing water”
  13. TRUE or FALSE: It is enough to push 6 balls of your opponent to win the game.
  14. TRUE or FALSE: One ball can push one ball of your opponent

The winner of our questionnaire was  Derya Çıraklı.

With this we concluded and finished another project and the new ones are ahead of us.