Importance of self care

Importance of self care

Self care is and extremely important components of our life and we are the ones responsible for it. It You don’t take care for yourself who will? Self care is a concept that refers to habits and processes that result in your overall well being and happiness. This is something that majority of us often neglect because we are to distracted and occupied with all the other things like job, education, achieving our goals. The lack of self care leads to unhappiness, lack of motivation, tiredness and overall dissatisfaction in life. Imagine yourself like a flower that needs water every day, it is the same for us, we need that water to grow and shine, otherwise we will dry out.

There is several levels of self care that you can and should imply in your daily life:

1.Physical level

Sleeping is something that we often over neglect, but is it very important to get adequate amount of sleep, for some that means, 4 four, for some 6, for some 8 or more. There is not an unique numbers of sleeping hours for people, because we are all different and we should just listen to our bodies. Lack of sleep leads to tiredness, moodiness, grumpiness, our brain also does not function properly then so bare in mind that sleep help your body recharge and regenerate so you can perform your daily task at your best. Also the food we out in our body is very important, our body is a temple and we can fill it all the time with junk food, we need vitamins, minerals, proteins, good carbs.

There is a great connection with the body and the mind, if the body is not being taking cared properly our mind will suffer also. Physical activity is also something that you should incorporate in your daily life, any type of physical activity that is suitable for you is good because it promotes production of serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which are happy hormones. But be sure not to exaggerate, it is important to maintain balance in everything You do.

2. Mental level

We all need rest from the world sometimes and mental self care means that you do thing that satisfies you and makes you happy, like reading a book, watching a movie, painting, writing, walking in nature, doing some facial mask, getting a massage, working in garden, playing games, learning about the subject you are interested in, basically any type of activity that will help you fell good and refreshed.

3. Social level

Humans are social being and we need people around us to keep us alive and to feel like part of the society. Some people need more time with others, some need less, we are introverts and extrovert or combination of both. But regardless of that we need humans and we need to communicate with others, it helps us stay mentally well. Lack of socialization often leads to depression and anxiety so it is important from young age to engage in social life.

4. Emotional level

You are your greatest enemy, if you bubble your felling inside, they could destroy you. Our thoughts are the ones responsible for making our emotions so we need to set them free. Talking about our problems, emotions and thoughts is very important, it help us get our mind in order and often just speaking about them makes a big difference and relief. All our problems become small when spoken out loud, but if we keep them inside they will just grow and grow. So don’t be afraid of speaking, there is no shame in that and a lot of people probably went to same or at least they will be there to listen.

5. Spiritual level

This is a level that for some it is very hard to finds, some people are religious, they turn to God and praying and some are still searching for their religion and meaning. But religious is not the only thing that is spiritual, that can be anything that give you a sense of meaning, it can be meditation, yoga, some book about spirituality, life.

So take care of yourself, because what you radiate you attract.