Humans and Nature

Humans and Nature

Although humans and nature are two different terms, there are interdependent, there is no humans without the nature and actually we represent the nature itself. We are biological creatures created by the wonders of nature. Today there is great ecological problem in the world, and we humans are being responsible for it. Nature is our friend and our provider of all the essential and non essential things.

In this article we will emphasize the great value of nature and it is offering to us.

  1. The air we breathe

Without the plants and the process called photosynthesis there would be no oxygen in the air for us to breathe. All the trees forests, the flower, flora and fauna in general are providing us with this element that keeps us alive and we should take care of them. But instead we are polluting the air, we are doing deforestation in order to build infrastructures or to use the land in production purposes, or just to use the trees for making paper, furniture, etc. We destroy, but we don’t give nothing in return until one day we are stuck in the technologically built world without natural resources to use. If we take something, we should also give something in return to our mother nature. Planting trees, flowers, watering the plants, we need to reborn our nature.

2. Food

The soil of the earth gives us fruits, vegetables, oils, grains. Without the nature there would be no food for people. Eating from the nature is the best advice you can get for your health and overall diet. Food gives us energy and help us maintain our mental and physical health. There is a saying, You are what You eat. We also take food from animal, dairy products, meat. But what do we do? We again destroy our land and we produce a lot of chemically and sugary food. We use and destroy our waters so we can produce more meat. People in general are overconsuming the food today, all the artificial food makes us crave more and more, then we produce more and consume more and there is a huge food waste present today. While on the other hand a lot of people are starving.

3. Water

Fresh, clean water is what our body needs. Human body is 70% consisted out of water and the water consumptions keeps our energy up and helps us run the body in proper way. But we pollute our water by throwing industrial waste in it. There is less and less pure water in the world. We are destroying the plant and animal world in the waters like this.


Cotton, silk, fibers, it all comes from plants. All our clothes is made out of the nature resources.

5.Minerals, raw materials, oil, gems

There are some country with great amount of nature resources and reserves of minerals, oils, gems. These country are making great money by extraction of this goods, selling them or conversion them as goods used for technology. The oil and gas from the earth is used for energy, petrol, fuel oil and products like shampoos, detergent, soaps, plastics, fertilizers… The oil and gas comes from the decaying plants and animals remains deep in the ground. We extract these thing and we destroy the land by building oil wells and pipelines.

The mineral and gems are mostly deep in the stones, and caves and for this purpose a lot of children is being exploited, because there are small and they can crawl inside and use their small hands. There is presence of modern slavery using children for getting the goods. So not only we destroy the nature, we use our human being to get what we want.

6. Natural source of Energy

Solar, wind and water energies are more and more common to use today as ecologically accepted source of energy. This type of energy, does no harm to nature. It is eco and human friendly.

7.Animals and biological balance

The diversity of animal world is something extraordinary. there is almost 9 million species of animals today and some still remain undiscovered. Animals help us keep the biological and ecological balance. Birds are eating the small bugs and that is how to help in prevention of overpopulation of bugs. Bees are pollinators and almost 90% of plants needs to be pollinated in order to produce food and oxygen. Pollination is transfer of pollen from male part of the flower to the women part of the flower. In search for nectar they leave this pollen of flower and allowing them to grow and produce food. Also bees gives us honey. But by setting up the new technologies and destroying the nature habitants, thesse animals are in danger and we are not even aware of their great importance.

We also kill animals for pleasure, fun, for clothes. Maybe killing animals for clothes was acceptable before the modern technology or in remote places, but today with all the alternatives that humanity come up with, why still kill? A lot of animals excited and a lot them are in danger from extinction.

8. Mental piece and recreation

Escape in nature is something that a lot of us do to feel relaxed, reborn and to rest from the rushed world and stress. Nature has healing powers. We often to the nature to walk, run, cycle, explore. Even in the cities, a lot of young people gather in the park or around the water. In every city that you can, you will find a spot with the touch of nature and a lot of people gathering there. It is because it is something that attracts us to it, because we are nature and we need nature.

9. Beauty

The mountains, seas, forests, fields, savannas, flowers, jungles, the colors, the smell of nature, it all adds up to the beauty of this world.

So respect your nature and take care of it, because future without the nature does not exist.