How Technology and Media changed our everyday life

How Technology and Media changed our everyday life

Our parents, grandparents have completely different lifestyle from us. The world was then much more simple, but then again in some aspect much more harder. But still they appreciated everything they had and they did not have a lot of issues that we are facing today due to technology and media.

For most of us today world without technology is unimaginable. We use it for socialization, work, communication, travelling, education, reading, listening, etc.

Although technology brought us in a way much easier life it also made us more miserable. With the rise of technology, we lost a human touch. Machines started to replace people jobs, in markets, agriculture, we can buy tickets for every type of travel online, we can order food online. This opportunities are certainly time saving, but also they cause people losing their jobs. The times are changing and education is necessary in today world, education about machines, robots, coding ,but not everyone has to same opportunities and access to education, which means a group of people is excluded from this opportunity. Those people are people who search jobs that does not require any higher education, mostly in customer service, but if that service is replaced by machines, they don’t even have opportunity for that. So rise of technology is a good thing, but for a privileged group of people.

The rise of technology contributed in rise of production of goods and food, but on the other hand as a consequence it has overconsumption of goods from people who have access to it. On ecological and environmental level it leads to habitat destruction and radiation in the air.

One of the major things that technology brought us are media and its large influence on society. Media started to control people desires and the way of living. It all turned online and we are living in virtual reality. The games we play that leads to addiction and lack of socialization, the social media pressure and the standard of beauty that are not real. People are trying to achieve something that is considered in trend at the moment, which leads to dissatisfaction. People are obsessed by the way they look and they want to reach a certain life standard. But majority of things we see its fake or just well managed.

Although Social media connect us with a lot of people, it also disconnect us on real level. People don’t know how to communicate anymore, the phone replaced a real person and conversation and become our best friend. So we should all stop for a moment and reconsider our life and how does technology actually influence on us and our human relationships.