European Solidarity Corps- frequently asking question

European Solidarity Corps- frequently asking question


Where can we find the application forms?

You can access the application forms on this page- after logging in with your username and password via EU Login.

What is an OID number and how can it be obtained?

Those who wish to apply to the country-based projects of the European Solidarity Program must have an Organization ID (Organization ID, OID). OID will be used instead of the Participant Identification Code (PIC). However, those who have applied to the Erasmus + Program and have a PIC code are automatically assigned an OID.

The assigned OID can be entered in the “Search” field on the page, by clicking on the name of the institution / organization or the “expand search criteria” button and enter the PIC code, tax number, etc. information is learned by entering. Those who have received more than one PIC code in the previous terms should contact the unit responsible for the program to be applied.

Those who have not received a PIC code before, can also register for OID from the “Register my organization” tab on the page. On the page opened in the “Register my organization” tab, it is necessary to login with the EU Login user information.

Those with an EU Login account (formerly ECAS account) can login to the system with their existing accounts. Those who do not have an EU Login account, click on the “Create an account” tab and obtain an EU Login account and log into the system.

While registering, the following points should be considered:

1) The relevant system must be registered with up-to-date information.

2) OID must be taken once to be used in all country-based project applications of the Erasmus + program.

3) When creating a record for the OID. A username and password that can always be remembered should be preferred instead of the user name and passwords specific to the person performing the registration. This information should be kept in a way that allows the access of the relevant persons to be used in the next period applications.

4) After all the information in the registration form is entered and registration is made, the system automatically generates the OID.

5) OID is a number that starts with the letter “E” and continues with 8 digits (For example: E12345678). Detailed information on the OID registration process can be found on the prepared by the European Commission.

ESC 31 EUROPE Solidarity Projects

For informal youth group applications, does the legal representative / contact person have to be a member of the group?

Someone who is not a group member cannot be a legal representative / contact person in the project. Like all group members, the legal representative and contact person must be registered on the

What are solidarity projects?

It is a domestic solidarity activity and projects that are initiated, developed and implemented by at least five young people aged 18-30 who want to create positive changes in their localities between 2 and 12 months. The project should have a clear topic that the group of young people would like to explore together and the project can include daily activities and should include all participants. Solidarity Projects should address the main challenges within communities, but also clearly highlight European added value.

Who can apply for solidarity projects?

A group of at least 5 young people between the ages of 18-30 who are legally resident in the program country and registered to the European Solidarity Program Portal can participate in solidarity projects. There is no maximum number of participants. The group that will run the project can apply. One of the young people in the group takes on the role of the legal representative and takes the responsibility to submit the application. Any public or private organization can apply on behalf of the group that will carry out the project.

What is the project duration in solidarity projects (ESC 31)?

The project duration is between 2 months and 12 months.

How does the process work for accepted projects?

An official notification is made to the project owner institutions / organizations that are entitled to receive a grant. Subsequently, information is given regarding the contract process and the completion of pre-contractual documents is requested. After the documents are completed by the National Agency of Turkey. Prepared within the framework of the allocated maximum grant contracts institutions / organizations will be sent to. Contracts, institution / organization after being signed by the legal representative of two (2) copies of case studies. Turkey’s National Agency, National Agency of Turkey enters into force as of the date of signing by.

ESC General

One copy of the contracts is sent by post to the mail addresses of the beneficiaries. Organizations that gain “beneficiary” status since the contract is signed benefit from the necessary grant support to carry out their projects. The first payment of the projects signed by granting a grant is made to the bank account opened in Euro in the amount specified in the contract and at the rate specified in the contract. Institutions / organizations are obliged to carry out project activities according to the rules specified in the grant agreement and its annexes. You can visit the project implementation process page to get information about the post-contract process of the project.

What is the role of the coach involved in the project?

Young people can be supported by a coach in solidarity projects. Coach is a resource person who can have youth work experience to accompany the group and support their participation. It can play different roles depending on the needs of a particular group of young people. It will remain outside the Koç Solidarity Project. Therefore will not be a member of the group, and has no connection with the applicant organization (if any).

Koç can support the group of young people in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of their projects according to the group’s needs. The coach can facilitate and support the quality of the learning process and help define and document learning outcomes at the end of the project. Coaches can be a volunteer or a professional.

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