Famous Turkish Poem And Their Stories

Famous Turkish Poem And Their Stories

Poems are words that feed our souls and convey the feelings, thoughts that sometimes touch
us in a literary harmony. Turkish literature is rich in poetry. In this article, we will tell about
two famous poem stories of Turkish literature.

First Poem: “Silent Ship”

Our first poem is “Silent Ship” by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı. Most people know this work
thanks to the song of the same name performed by famous singers such as Muslim Gurses
and Sertab Erener, composed by Patricia Carli and Frank Gérald. The story of this work is as

Yahya Kemal taught poetry to students at the time. During his lectures to Nazım
Hikmet, Yahya Kemal meets Galilee, who is Nazım’s mother. At that times Galilee’s
marriage wasn’t in a good state. Cause of that reason she divorced his husband and then as a
result of a conversation between them she started a relationship with Yahya Kemal. Rumors
spread about this relationship and Galilee’s son, Nazım, hears them. Nazım disapproves of
this relationship and leaves a note in his teacher’s pocket that says “You can enter this house
as my teacher but you can’t as my father.” Yahya Kemal, who is already afraid of the idea of
marriage, stops getting married when he reads these notes. Years later, after Yahya Kemal
died, someone found this poem among his old notes.

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı and Ms. Galilee

Silent Ship

If it is the day to weigh anchor from the time,
A ship to unknown sails from this port.

She advances quietly as if she has no passenger at all;
Neither a rag nor an arm waves in that hail.

People in the dock are woeful of this voyage,
They look at the black horizon for days with moist eyes.

Wretched hearts! This is neither the last ship sailing away!
Nor the last sorrow of this sorrowful life!

In the world, the loved and the lover wait in vain;
For they do not know that gone lovers shall never return.

Each of the many departers are happy from their place,
Many years have passed; nobody returned from the journey.

Second Poem: “Let’s go,Abbas”

The story of our second work, “Let’s go, Abbas” begins with the poet “Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı” being influenced by a
fairy tale he listened to as a child. This fairy tale tells the story of the character “Abbas”
fulfilling people’s wishes. He is especially influenced by the “can you bring me my love” line
in the fairy tale.

After that During his military service, Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı looks at the list of soldiers to
choose an assistant for him. When he sees the name “Abbas son of Abbas”, he remembers the
story he heard as a child and makes Abbas his deputy. Abbas is a soldier of a different
ethnicity who does not speak Turkish. He had a pure and clear personality, so they got along
well with each other, and that led to the beginning of a friendship. One night Cahit Sıtkı
remembers the fairy tale and says “Can you bring me my love?” to Abbas. When he woke up
the next morning and saw Abbas shaving and preparing, Cahit asked where he was going.
Abbas says “I will go to İstanbul to bring your loved one.” Upon hearing this, Cahit Sıtkı gets
emotional and writes the poem”Let’s go, Abbas”

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

Let’s go, Abbas

Let’s go, Abbas, time is up
You said evening, now is evening

Set our drinking bout
Let our heartaches end
Along with the pool
Set it beneath that tree
Tell moon to rise
Let it demonstrate as I wish
To magical scatter of mine
Show us that you command the distance
And time
Kick up the dust
Let’s go, Abbas!
”That’s what Cahit said”
Go, bring the my lover from Beşiktaş
I want to live my youth over again

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Yahya Bekir Sulak