Experience in Turkey as Proder Intern

I come from Croatia and after doing two student exchanges, one within Erasmus+ program in Prague and other within CEEPUS program in Krakow I know I will create another life abroad. After experiencing everything that living abroad offers me, I become addictive to it. It is like creating a new life, starting from the beginning, making new friends, exploring new cities, learning new language. It is hard at the beginning, but it is the best feeling ever. It is like living in a dream, everything seems unreal and it is passing so fast.

I will soon finish my studies, so I knew the next step is gaining some practical experience, there was no time to spend on exchanges without higher purpose anymore. What brought me to Turkey, was a pure feeling, I just knew that this is the country I want to do my Internship. After spending some time abroad and getting in touch with Turkish people, I gain a new perception of this country and people within. I was searching my Internship on Erasmusintern.org, it is one of the most popular sites for Internship search within Erasmus+program. Proder was not my first choice, I got Internship in Usak in International Relations office, but due to pandemic they cancelled that Internship. After that I started searching for another one and there came Proder. I applied and I got the Internship. What was supposed be 4 month long Internship in Eskisehir, extended to 8 month Internship.

My first impression was off course quite strange, but after the meeting the people and realizing how everything function I liked it a lot. What Proder gives my it a freedom to do what I want. If I have idea, I can realize it. It is an organization that upon your arrival let you choose your task and it just happen naturally. According to everyone’s ambitions, skills, desire, you just find Your place. It is not about assignments here, it is about guidelines and You do your work according to them. Proactivity is something that is very valuable here. If You do your job, you will do great here, it is simple as that.

With Proder, we also experience a lot of things outside of the office, as long as the pandemic conditions allow us. We traveled and explored the city and its surrounding, we tried new things like pottery, scuba diving, painting on water, glass art, we learned a lot about the culture and off course had a lot of fun.

Roman Amphitheater in Hierapolis

Turkey is very fascinating country with a long history and rich culture. There is no day passed by that you dont learn something new. A lot of things that we studied in history of Ancient times has its roots here, so many sites to visit, so many monuments and Ancient city ruins. This was a place of Mesopotamia, Ancient Romans. The nature varies from mountains, desserts, beautiful coast, the traveling experience here is magnificent and the people are welcoming. What makes the sites special is their uniqueness, special shapes of rock, eternal fires, cotton valleys, thermal springs. The country is big and so diverse. The food is also one of the main components, their unique style of preparing and using unique ingredients like a lot of pistachios, rose water, pomegranate syrup, orchids, raw meet. It is simple the country You cannot get bored off.

During my stay here, it has been lockdown most of the times, but still I did not feel it that much, there is life happening outside and with my work here at Proder, I gain a purpose.