European solidarity program

European solidarity program


1.European Solidarity Program (ESC) is a new program aimed at meeting social needs, creating opportunities for young people to volunteer, work or network in projects that benefit society in their home country or abroad, while promoting their personal, educational, social, civic and professional development. Is an initiative of the European Union.

2.Bringing young people together to create a more inclusive society, support vulnerable people and respond to social challenges. The program offers an inspiring and empowering experience to young people who want to help, learn and improve.

-It is a domestic solidarity activity and projects that at least five young people who want to create a positive change in their localities have started, developed and implemented between 2 and 12 months. The project should have a clear topic that the group of young people would like to explore together and the project can include daily activities and should include all participants. Solidarity Projects should address the main challenges within communities but also clearly highlight European added value.


  • Increasing the participation and adaptation of young people living in rural and isolated areas, who are disadvantaged due to social, economic and geographical barriers and their educational needs,
  • Supporting the social cohesion of young people who are excluded from social life and making them an organic part of the social structure, u Using social, cultural and economic differences as a unifying tool,
  • Encouraging volunteer work and raising awareness of volunteering.


Volunteer Youth Platform

Within the scope of our project, a platform will be established where young people can become members and participate in volunteering. The relevant section will be created on the web page of our association ( Through this section, young people who want to volunteer in social projects will be asked to voluntarily choose the activities they want to do with disadvantaged young people (training coaching, reading books, tree planting, artistic activities, stand task, environmental cleaning, school painting, etc.). Volunteer youth will be ensured to take an active role in the activities to be organized.

-Book collection, tree planting, retirement home visits, environmental cleaning campaigns

-Fighting obesity, fighting addiction, strengthening the immune system. Encouraging young people to do sports, raising awareness for the protection of natural life, organic life activities

-Activities for young workers, agricultural workers and young children of nomadic families

-Web design activity, workshop activities for the goals and expectations of young people for the future. Short film events on theater, painting, music and design studies, graffiti, folk dances, social inclusion



Refugee youth;

To maintain communication with their peers,

Carrying out joint activities with our volunteers,

It is spending time with peers regularly.


  • Creating intercultural calendars based on cultural heritage, visual arts and literature with young people,
  • Encouraging the dissemination of games by creating and reading bilingual youth books,
  • Organizing workshops for young people to experience learning a new language (English, sign language, etc.) other than the official language and their mother tongue together with their peers who have different languages,

Participant / Volunteer Responsibilities

He will take the lead of each volunteer activity.

It will make a division of labor among other volunteers by holding a preparatory meeting before the activity.

It will form the activity tag that summarizes the before, application and after of each activity.

It will make the necessary arrangements to carry out the activity and will receive support from the association management if needed.

The project’s visibility and dissemination tools will be used effectively. Contact

Board & Staff