Esminyatürk is Turkish World Miniature Park located in Sazova Park in Eskisehir.

Esminyaturk Park Miniatures was created as part of the Eskisehir 2013 project and it was officialy opened in 2016. This project was organized by the Turkish Center for Science, Art and Culture in the city of Eskisehir. It was called to reveal, develop, protect and pass on to future generations the achievements of science, art and culture.

The park of miniatures became a part of this large-scale project. It concentrates masterpieces of world and Turkish architecture. Each miniature fully reflects all the details of the real sights. All the miniatures were created specifically for this park on a scale of 1:25. At the same time, every detail, decor and color of the sights is fully reflected in the miniature.

In total, the park features 32 miniatures of attractions. The works in the park are small examples of masterpieces bearing Turkish Traces in countries that have been influenced by turkish culture and lived Turkish culture. Miniatures include sculptures from Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, India, Syria and other countries.

List of Miniatures:

  • Selimiye Mosque (Edirne), Divriği Ulu Mosque (Sivas), Diyarbakır Ulu Mosque (Diyarbakır), Ahlat Ulu Kümbet (Bitlis), Double Minaret Madrasa (Erzurum), Aşık Pasha Tomb (Kırşehir), Ethem Bey Mosque and Clock Tower (Albania) , Mümine Hanım Tomb (Azerbaijan), Mostar Bridge (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Alaca Mosque (Macedonia), Taj Mahal (India), Humayun Tomb (India), Gök Kümbet (Iraq), 33 Gözlü Bridge (Iran), Hodja Ahmed-i Yesevi Complex (Kazakhstan), Rabia Sultan Tomb (Kazakhstan), Hansaray (Crimea), Sultan Murat Tomb (Kosovo), Fatih Mosque (Kosovo), Gül Baba Tomb (Hungary), Mustafa Pasha Mosque (Macedonia), Orkhon Monuments (Mongolia) Uluğ Bey Madrasa (Uzbekistan), Bala Pool Mosque (Uzbekistan), Muhammad Emin Han Complex (Uzbekistan), Tsar Minaret (Uzbekistan), Ismail Samani Tomb (Uzbekistan), Damascus Ottoman Train Station (Syria),Medina Ottoman Train Station (Saudi Arabia), Sultan Sencer Tomb (Turkmenistan), Sultan Kekes Cupola (Turkmenistan), Bey Bath (Greece).,