Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

In the sea of Erasmus+programs there is plenty of opportunities and most of the programs seems similar. In our previous articles we explained about ESC, Internship, and now we will explain what is Erasmus+Youth Exchange.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange is a short term project with a duration from 5-15 days. It is organized by the organization/association/foundation that is located in one of the 33 program countries under the scope of National Agency and EU.

This Youth exchanges are meant for people aged 15-25, or over, depending on the project the required age can vary.

To participate in this project it is necessary to be the part of the sending organization. Each organization that organize this project has several partners countries which then choose participant and send them abroad.

The topics and aims of the projects are to educate young people about topics like employment, education, ecology, self-work, culture, traditions, preparation for finding a job, etc. Basically the projects are consisted out of lectures, workshops, team building activities, games, seminars, presentations and it is necessary to be engaged and active in this projects. The learning methods are informal.

What are You gaining from this experience

By participating in this project You get a chance to travel abroad, to meet people from different background and perspectives, cultures, you will gain new friendships, new knowledge, new skills. The important thing is that this types of project are available to everyone because You get free accommodation and free food. The travel coast are reimbursed according to the distance calculator of EU. So the trip is your only expense, but it is the money you will get back. Some organizations are even organizing transportation with car or bus if the country is near.

Proder Youth Exchanges

Proder is organizing two Youth Exchanges, one starting on 12th of July called Rural YouthFest. This project for aim has bringing together youth from rural area that do not have enough or equal opportunities like youth from urban area. The focus is on employment and workshops that will help participants to prepare for working life and give them necessary knowledge and skills.

Second project that we organize is called “Go Offline, Fell Alive” with focus on youth who spend more and more time on the phone and social media. We want to raise awareness of this issue and show the youth the other opportunities they have in life, to show them how they can enjoy nature, company and activities without phones. To often we all live in virtual reality that we forgot to live in real live. Technology addiction has a lot of consequences like social distancing, mental issue, depression, lack of motivation, lack of self-esteem. But the life is so much more then just spending your time online.

To participate in this project, You can find groups on Facebook Erasmus+Youth Exchange, where the projects are posted daily. Also you can google for Youth Organizations in Your area. It is a really unique experience and opportunity for young people to grow.