Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+ program offer us a lot of opportunities for education, gaining skill and exploring the world. One of the programs within Erasmus+ framework is Erasmus+ Internship.

In this article we will give an insight in what is Erasmus+ Internship, how to apply for it and what are the benefits of it.

What is Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+Internship/ Traineeship is a form of exchange where students get oportunity to get practical experience in their field of studies. It can be any field from medical one, communication, Foreign affairs, programming…

It is a form of work and chance to experience odult life and learn things that will help You find a job after finishing Your studies.

You may carry out a traineeship at any organisation in an Erasmus+ Programme Country.

Who can participate

You can apply for Erasmus + Internship if you are a student on bachelor or master level or within one year after graduation.


Your traineeship abroad can last from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.

You can benefit of an exchange abroad with Erasmus+ multiple times, either as a student or as a trainee, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study.

How to apply

Your traineeship must be relevant for your degree-related learning and personal development needs and, wherever possible, be integrated in your study programme.

You can apply via your higher education institution in your city or country. They are usually specific times for application couple of times a year.

The most common proccedure requires You to find Internship first and then you can apply for Erasmus grant. But the rules of application vary from country to country, so the best thing to do is to check the rules on Your Faculty webpage and consult with your exchange coordinator.


The amount of money You can get vary from country to country. It depends from which country You are coming from and which is Your destination country. In average scoolarship for Internship is around 100 euros more than for Student exchange. So minimum that You will receive is 500 euros per month.

If You are below the list for receiving the grant; You can still participate as Erasmus zero grant student, which means You do not receive any support, but You are eligible for having the Learning Agreement and do the Internship with Your own fundings.

Also, some Internships are paid, so You can have two incomes while doing traineeship.


Student exchange within the Erasmus+ Programme is the easiest and the cheapest way to live abroad while studying, to test your strength on the international labor market or finally to make interesting multinational contacts. Internship abroad is not only work at foreign institution or company, but also an unique opportunity to get to know a different culture, both during duties and travels between working days. It is also a chance to meet amazing people from around the world and to exchange international experiences with them. Move to an unknown city, work in a new company, everyday life in a different culture – all these factors contribute to an unforgettable experience!

You can find Intership offers on Web; the most popular site for that is, but there are many other pages as well. Also you can find a company, organisation, etc. on your own by directly contacting the prefered institution.

Proder Internship

You can also be an Intern at Proder Organisation or Government of Eskişehir.

We have several vacancies posted on;

For Government of Eskişehir:

Social Media Expert:

Communities & External Relations

SEO Expert – Web Site Editor




Project Specialist

EU Project Activities Organisator

SEO Expert – Web Site Editor

Communities & External Relations