Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

During the last years and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been more and more attracted towards a change in our professional and personal lifestyle. The pandemic has had a hard impact on the job market all over the world. According to TurkStat Turkey’s unemployment rate rose from 12% to 13’9% since the pandemic started until spring 2021. Many who have lost their job and others who have seen their working conditions worsened are now looking for new personal and professional possibilities to exploit. Many young people, mainly graduates and postgraduates, have shown throughout social media that they are more than willing to create their own projects and develop new marketing ideas. A new wave of entrepreneurs is heading towards us.

Usually when we think about an entrepreneur we imagine a successful middle- aged and wealthy person with lots of economic possibilities and legal knowledge. We rarely imagine ourselves, and most people, even though they have good business ideas, don’t feel confident enough to take the next step. But what is really an entrepreneur? 

An entrepreneur is someone who has innovative business ideas and decides to develop them. And, believe it or not, it is not as difficult as it seems. So suit up! It doesn’t have to be a big thing; usually the most successful ideas come from simple solutions focused on solving specific problems. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic many local and global problems appeared at both macro- and micro levels. During this last year and a half we have experienced an increase in demands and development of technological devices, delivery services, medical care, social media and communications has opened the door for new entrepreneurship ideas. 

You could create anything: from your own podcast to cooking classes, remote fitness, online teaching… just choose something you love and try to be creative. But remember also to know your target: the role of an entrepreneur is to invent solutions to real problems. 

Creating your own business has many advantages: you work freelance from any possible location and at any preferably chosen time, you can be original, independent and creative without hierarchical supervision, and you control your own income. 

After you have gotten the motivation needed to believe that you can open your own business, you should work on some of your skills; you might need to improve them to make your business work. Law and economic knowledge are not enough; you will need to have a good eye on marketing and public relations to know who to direct your product to and how to do it. You can advertise yourself anywhere, but usually social media is the most common and fruitful. So think about your idea and who might be interested in it. And then search how to publicize your product. 

As good as it may sound, being an entrepreneur, as any other job, has its own challenges. Appart of keeping yourself updated with any changes in your market field and your client’s satisfaction, the main obstacle you may find is funding. But don’t worry, we thought of some funding options for young European entrepreneurs:

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an international exchange programme that lasts from 1 to 6 months directed to aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who have 3 years of experience in the field and experienced small- and medium- size entrepreneurs. The program grants the chance for new entrepreneurs to meet more experienced entrepreneurs outside of their home country. If you decide to apply, not only will you develop professional skills first hand, but you will also have the chance to explore other markets and clients that may help you to be more creative and innovate. Also, you can get a funding from 530 to 1100 €.

Here we share you the link to the program: https://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/index.php?lan=en 

Startup Europe

Startup Europe is a project founded by the EU Commission to help unite and keep startups, scaleups, investors, accelerators, corporate networks, universities and media sources in contact. Supporting and connecting young investors, the aim of Startup Europe is to improve the regional economy to become a startup area. 

Take a look at their website to see their proposals, advices and information about public and private funds!: https://startupeurope.network/ 

European Investment Project Portal 

The InvestEU Portal enables a meeting point for project promoters that need funding and investors looking for investment opportunities together through its online platform. 

To sign up you just need to register as an investor or publish your project in their website: https://ec.europa.eu/investeuportal/desktop/en/index.html 

Irene Adolph Crespo