Call Number PR.12

ESC in Oostende with kleinVerhaal

kleinVerhaal is looking for volunteers also from Turkey that join their 12 month project in Oostende. They set up artistic productions in which the staff is responsible for the guidance of a qualitative process involving a high engagement of a mix of participants in collaboration with professional (young) artists. The project is set in a cross-sectoral partnership that is very typical for our practice (the collaboration of professional artists, artistic practice, social and cultural organizations, communities, neighborhoods,…). They work towards an artistic product, this can be a movie, music performance, exposition, show, installation and more.


They are looking for an artistic profile, who wants to join and support our projects. They are searching for a volunteer with a background in music, who wants to help in guiding other musicians and set up our music centre. Someone who is hands-on, has social skills, is practical and creative. Being able to work independently, but also in a team is important. A lot of curiosity towards community art processes and working together with artists and all kinds of other people is important.

 ⏳Application deadline: 01/11/2020

The form to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftQPkSiTPylxvWaG0_objpAYpx-T9vy9w6QuPY5CeA11FL9A/viewform

After filling out the form, don’t forget to send your CV and Motivation Letter specific for the call to volunteering@proder.org We will contact you after receiving your application and mail.

For further information read on: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/18995_en