ESC in Copenhagen, Denmark with KBH+ Askovfonden

KBH+ Askovfonden is looking for volunteers also from Turkey that join their 46 week(s) project in Copenhagen. The project entails, among other things, that the tvolunteer are given a host function, which is about opening the doors of KBH+ to other young people and welcoming them. In addition, it also involves planning and executing projects, which include daily activities and events. They also want to involve the volunteers in external communication via, for example, social media and website, where they have to create content and communicate digitally with other young people. This can be, for example, through text, image, video or graphic design. However, it is important to emphasize that the activities are planned in collaboration with the specific volunteer and are therefore not 100 % fixed yet.


They are very open in relation to the participant’s profile. They are a house that works a lot with creativity, community and culture and therefore it is of course an advantage if the volunteer has experience with these or likes to be surrounded by it. In addition, they are looking for a volunteer who loves to meet new people and make friends and is not afraid to say hello. This is one of the core values in KBH +.

Application deadline: 04/01/2021

The form to apply:

After filling out the form, don’t forget to send your CV and Motivation Letter specific for the call to We will contact you after receiving your application and mail.

For further information read on: European Youth Portal (