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ESC in Thessaloniki, Greece, with CULTURAL CENTER BABYLONIA

The CULTURAL CENTER BABYLONIA is looking for volunteers from Turkey that join their 8 weeks project in Greece. Their long-term objective is to create a positive change in Europe by increasing social inclusion and active participation of young people and creating a common spirit of solidarity among youngsters with volunteering activities to be carried out at local level. In the short term, they aim to broaden the knowledge and skills of young volunteers on the fields of early childhood education, immigration and social inclusion. The target group will consist of; – youngsters especially who are at the risk of exclusion in the social, cultural and economic fields; – the ones who face prejudices, stereotypes, racism and all those behaviors that cause social exclusion and discrimination;


This project is open to all young people eligible for the Programme without discrimination (sex, origin, religion, culture …). The one and only criterion will be the motivation. Knowledge of English language or specific skills (theater, video, sports, fine arts …) facilitating communication and development of actions with young people would be good additional but are not exclusive criteria.

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The form to apply

After filling out the form, don’t forget to send your CV and Motivation Letter specific for the call to We will contact you after receiving your application and mail.

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