CV Workshop

CV Workshop

CV stands for curriculum vitae and it is one of the essential thing when applying for wanted job position, Internship or volunteering. There are many different templates available on Internet for writing a CV, but when there is to many options, we are often confused which one to choose and what is important to put in our CV. That is why within “Include me” project we organized a workshop in Tepebasi Youth Center, to emphasize important components of CV.

Alongside CV, another important element is motivation letter, which give us opportunity to express in our own words desire and the reason why are we applying, what is our interior motivation and show that we are interested in that job, vacancies, etc.

After the first step of writing quality CV and motivation letter, based on the context and qualifications we are invited to have a job interview. This part is important because it shows our real face and it is an opportunity for mutual evaluation. There are specific questions that are often repeated on job interview and most of them aim for the applicant to show their interest, ambition and will for progress, improvement and learning.

With Social Media raising, we also have an professional page LinkedIn, very similar like Facebook, but just for the professional word. There you can make a profile with all your experience, education, qualification and current job position or wanted job position.

Although the workshop did not attend numerous number of people, it was quite useful for the ones who were present. Small number of people usually means more relaxed and comfort atmosphere and our participants were open to express their experience, opinions and knowledge.