COVID-19 impact on raise of depression

COVID-19 impact on raise of depression

When talking about pandemic and impact of Covid-19, we mostly focus on elderly and why we are setting all the measures required to protect them. But we neglect the influence on children, youth and young adults. All measures that has been taken had direct impact on the people who are future is depending on. But we don’t speak about physical consequences that they are facing, but the mental one. Mental health has always been sort of taboo in our society, people felt ashamed if they had some issues or thought and searching for help meant that something is wrong with them or that they are week.

The things is, a lot of people feel like that, and if we reach out for help or conversation, we would realize that there is plenty of people outside that feel the same or that has been through the same situation.

For some time now, social media had huge impact on mental health of people, in a way that it put unrealistic standards of appearance, life-style, etc. But now pandemic is the one who is taking the lead in that. Isolation, social distancing, and closure of educational institutes, workplaces, and entertainment venues consigned people to stay in their homes to help break the chain of transmission. People are social beings and that is one of their primary needs, to be excepted and part of the society. If we take away the things that this essential in the age when they are creating and finding themselves and when they are learning how to be a part of society, they feel empty.

The lost of purpose apereas, since there is no physical touch with our obligations. The world has turned online, the virtual reality has taken over the world. With schools and faculties being shoot down in most of the countries, the young people have lost their physical contact with their peers, teachers, professors. This leads to the feeling of emptiness, pointlessness and we are trying the find meaning in this situation, but we cannot see clearly the future, because it is unpredictable and uncertain. Is there job out there after getting the diploma, is there job at all, will certain department disappear… These are some thought that people are facing and then comes the boredom part because we cannot participate in any social activities, gathering, sport activities. We are left in our homes, only with Internet and Social media as a tool for socialization and entertainment. The boredom leads to higher consumption of opiates which then has contra effect because after the effect is finished we feel down and then we search escape from that hole again in opiates. It is an enchanted circle which is hard to escape because there is no other things to do, the world is falling apart anyway.

There is a certain range of years when human mind is more sensitive and prone to mental disorders, and to find a way out of it, the normal way of life is required, like going to school, faculty, job, socializing, doing physical activity, earning money and establishing secure life for yourself. Now, majority of those things has been taken away from us; the chances of getting a job are low, people are being fired and stuck at home. Lack of money and lack of income leads is also one of the components that are affecting the human mind.

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A lot of young people is obligated to return home because of lack of money or closure of the facilities. In that way there freedom and chance to grow is stopped, we should learn how to live by ourselves and create our own style of living, which majority of us cannot accomplish at home because of the certain way of life that is imposed to us when we are home.

Humans are meant to be free, not to live in a cage and watch the best years of their life pass by. The technology and Internet can never replace the real human experience and although it keeps us all the time connected with others, at the same time it makes us disconnected with real world.

The situation in the world is like this in the moment, we cannot change it, but we can try to work on ourselves and try to get the most of it. Working on yourselves in the form of reading, studying, exploring, finding new hobby or just talking with someone. There is a light at the end of every tunnel, unfortunately this tunnel is long, but the sun will come eventually. Just don’t forget, You are never alone, nonmatter how you feel, other person is probably feeling the same.