Covid-19 impact on everyday life

Covid-19 impact on everyday life

It is hard to believe that almost one and a half year ago our life looked completely different. We were living completely different life, almost carefree, taking for granted everything that we had. We as humans don’t actually realize what we have until we lost it and we lost a lot. But during the history there was always some great event that turned everything upside down, some event that marked beginning of the new age, like industrial revolution, wars, technology raising it all resulted in changes of everyday life, even if we look how our parents or grandparents live, we will see huge gap in values, lifestyle and mentality.

COVID-19 presents the breaking point in our life, it came basically out of nowhere and little by little it took over our life. In this article we will put emphasis on major changes that happened since Covid-19 outbreak.

1. Social Distance and Quarantine

Socialization is one of the primary human needs , we were always social beings, living in the community. But now, people are forced to maintain social distance, there is limited number of people allowed in one place. To make it worse, people are forced to obey the rules of quarantine, which means our moving is limited and restricted, there is curfew, police hour, the freedom of movement is taken from us.

2. Wearing mask

Each country makes their own rules for wearing masks. In some countries is is obligatory to wear it everywhere, on streets, inside the buildings, markets; in some masks are obligatory only inside. But still, it is a big change and we become so use to it. The fashion industry even made business out of it, providing you to choose your personalized type of mask.

3. Travelling restrictions

What was before a luxury or lifestyle for some people, now it is almost impossible action. Travelling is now followed by many rules, some countries have many restrictions, they don’t even allow the entrance, some countries have specific requirements like Covid-19 test and then there are some that have open borders because they saw opportunity in this situation to improve their tourism and budget because competition is limited.

4.Closing the boarders

Closing the boarders is a way for protecting the nation from outside. But it resulted in growing nationalism because foreigners are seen as threat, if you come from abroad, you were a stigma and you represent a threat to the society.

5. Online school and classes

We all remember our school and faculty days as one of the best times of our life, but for sure its not because of the learning, it was because of our friends and our company. The friendship that were made in schools last for lifetime and now that is taken away from the new generations. Also the way students are being thought, it is mostly focused on their own works without proper lessons. The quality of learning had decreased. All of this brings a lot of consequences, especially for very young children, because schools and preschools are place where they learn the socialization process.

6.Online culture

Museum visiting, art exhibition, rock concert, classical concert, opera, ballet, it is all taken away from us. Although there are online versions of all of this, nothing can replace reality and the vibes and feeling that we get when we experience art in person.

7. Digital Age

It is the new era, from the outbreak of Covid-19, we all increased the use of technology, which now replaced every important component of our life, socialization took place online, learning, work, entertainment. We indulge ourselves completely and with quarantine and isolation, there was no other way to stay part of the society and be involved in it. Growing use of technology, resulted that the ones who are not able to use it, left excluded from the society and life, like elderly people and people from lower social status. The gap appeared between people with lower and higher income because not everyone has the same possibilities. The problem here is especially education system, a lot of families cannot afford laptops, computer or phones for their children’s and without that they are not able to participate in education system.

Also, the use of apps increased, app like Tit-Tok reached its high peak and become worldwide phenomenon in the time of the pandemic.

8. Pubs/Caffes/Restaurant

There is something in the felling that we get when we are outside, picking the good energy, hearing voices, murmur, laughter in an nice ambient. Just sitting with our friends, family, drinking and eating outside is a special event. But recently majority of places had been closed and that impacted not only mental health of people but also a lot of business.

9. Lost of jobs and decline of business

Due to Covid-19, a lot of people lost their job and they have difficulties in finding new jobs. Area that are especially affected are tourist sections and catering sector. If there is no tourist, there is no work and sadly a lot of countries income comes from tourism. The market changed a lot and now in demand are more technology educated people, which leaves the ones without proper education without a job. Due to closures of object, a lot of people are not able to handle the costs and payments and without proper government support, they were forced to close their business.

10. Online jobs/Working from home

Almost every company in the peak of the pandemic, sent their workers home. Luckily there is a lot of business today that can be done from home, using Internet and computer. Working from home maybe its not the same as working in encouraging environment with bosses and colleagues but at least their kept their job and income.

We hope that life will return to normal soon, but until then we all need to adopt to changes and embrace this new life, because changes have been happening since the beginning of humanity and this is just beginning of new era for all of us.